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  1. What can i say, we all try to be active on all forums as well as our own, and its clearly working. thanks all :D
  2. fire, youre a legend for trying to get 99 in agility, either that or insane. Gl with all of your goals man :)
  3. i cant say ive seen that before either, as for what triggers them, i normally find its bone burying and teleporting. i get lots of the abyssal services, evil bobs and mysterious old men, but not so much of anything else.
  4. meh i must be blind then, thanks anyway
  5. hi im phoenix_9540, i go by nix/phoenix. ive been playing for nearly 2 years now (you can see all my cmb stats in my signature) and i lead clan "the forgotten". I'm open to making new friends, so feel free to pm me on rs :)
  6. hey tip.it :) i was using your treasure trail guide and i got the clue "if you look closely enough, it seems as though all the archers have lost their needles". i couldnt find it, so i thought id share with you what it is: if you go into the ranging guild, and towards the mini game, there is a haystack. search it to get the clue :)
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