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  1. Yeah exactly, so delete support package.
  2. I just said that earlier, but nah support should be nerfed in general, bad players shouldn't be rewarded. They already have deathstreaks..
  3. They should take stealth bomber out of the game or at least put it in assault, so frustrating on a map like village for example when you're beasting and some kid who's done nothing all game calls one of those in on you.
  4. Good, hope it's not as different to the main game as Shivering Isles was to Oblivion though, prefered Knights of the Nine.
  5. Just finished the main questline, it was awesome albeit the sudden ending, but w/e still awesome nonetheless.
  6. I'll get it for christmas, these games don't disappoint.
  7. Smoke also comes from explosions just so you know.
  8. Listen to good rapper and then to this and you'll know what I mean. ;) I know what you mean. :thumbup:
  9. Yeah right. Marksman is a very useful perk for spotting people through smoke etc.
  10. Anyone? I haven't. I'm going to a friends house later today and I'll ask him and see what he says. Nice one thanks.
  11. We're going down this road again? 99 out of a 100 times a guy with a k/d of 2.0 is better than a guy with a k/d of .2. It's the closest thing we get to seeing how good someone is without actually looking at his gameplay 24/7. The [bleep] happened to your avatar? Again? Just saying though. And as far as I can see, nothing?
  12. K/D isn't fully relative of how good you are anyway, for example, you could go for a day messing about with a riot shield which totally messes your K/D and makes it not truely relevant to your ingame "skill". So, just don't care about it. :)
  13. Anyone managed to buy the Warhound? I have tried countless times but the dude continuously tells me I already have an animal with me, I even killed my horse but yet he still says this..
  14. Anyone else find the Thieve's Guild quests quite boring? Idk I never liked them much in Oblivion too. Also quite annoyed I can't wear Morokai (sp?) with a hooded robe :(
  15. I've tried those already and had no success, same thing keeps happening..
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