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  1. Well I decided to make a smithing calc... I know lots of them are pointless to have (rune items) but I thought it would be cool to add them anyways :D http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tFIfnO-wHIo3ceZjBrT2yqg&output=html I actually maxed out the number of ImportHtml I could use (50) but it works well :) I also made one before as a trial, it's just my slayer equipment (just to watch and see any drastic changes in price) http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=t5OG4EYPfDrCiFVaGJVYMCw&output=html Great Guide! :D
  2. Also, you cannot use a Pyrelord to light your Magic logs it doesn't count haha.
  3. How much (On average) Slayer experience did you get a day? Just wondering :)
  4. I got 93 Crafting and there is a picture under the "Today" section.
  5. :D Thanks. Good luck with Hunter and Agility. Thanks for the support guys!
  6. Yeah slayer is one of the slowest skills out there haha. Calorius just got 99 like 3 weeks ago and the last three levels took him at least a week each. :ohnoes:
  7. Dmac690's Blog to 99 Crafting and Magic This is my first Blog so I will need some pointers. :oops: ^ My crafting is 1337 tbh :) Goals Even if you don't support please post something. Even if you say "You can't do it your a noob." ;) [hide=Today] I won't be on much today but when I am on I'll be Rcing and hopefully get 73 :) [/hide] About Myself: Hello my name is Dustin, also known as Dmac690 in the game most of us play, Runescape. I am 15 and live in Ontario (Canada). I have a younger brother who got me into the game (Masonman4) and he supports me on ANY goal I want to train and lends me any money he can, which is amazing. I am going for 99 Crafting because its a skill that not many players have 99, and I enjoy it, it reminds me of fletching, which unlike many who trained it to 99 I enjoyed. I am also training to 99 magic, which I should get either en rout to 99 crafting or just after. I make green dragonhide bodies and make my own nats and alch them myself. [hide=Significant Levels] Crafting I have more on my other computer I will update tomorrow morning. Magic Again, I'll see if I can get any other pictures from my other computer (none below 90 though) [/hide] [hide=Dk Pictures] I will only post the special pictures and Lure Noobs at the end. Berzerker Btw Lures Davis 123 Sf Nemesis - we actually got an axe during this lure. These guys admitted to trying to lure me. I reported them for Item Scamming. Jivetoast actually has barrows pure stats... I have more if people demand it I can put them up :) [/hide] [hide=Misc. Pictures.] [/hide] Well I hope you like what you've seen, if anyone wants me to add anything then just say so :D
  8. Do you even tell people what it best to cook or just say it costs a lot? Honestly you need to do research and even if you aren't training your you have it in your guide... so get information. 2/10 tbh
  9. Hmm... Me and my brother are dk addicts, and we have gotten massively lucky, as we are getting bored, we want to try new dking ways. We watched the video, and we found it did not help one bit, as you cut out the part on how to lure the prime... Why not just explain it? Or possibly take myself or Masonman4 on a run and show us. We are quite experienced, as we have gotten over 30+ axes and have only done it for about 2 months.
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