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  1. Video gamers can control dreams, study suggests I don't really it applies to rewnskeap.
  2. Hopefully there will be other locations also. For instance, it could get interesting to put a dungeon in the desert for some true plundering of a grave.
  3. I don't agree.. even the mushrooms and potatoes become decent healers in between fights with one of these (I have the lvl 89 -adept skinweaver- with me if possible) by your side. And guess what, the healers even fight which always help a little... With 99 Summoning, I've found that the 6,000 LP worth of Salve Eels on the highest Beast of Burden far surpasses the healing I'd get from the highest Healing Familiar during the boss fight. Throughout the dungeon it might be better, but I always have excess food at the end so the Beast of Burden feels more useful... About that, which one is the BoB? I got no idea =P [/noob] worldbearer is BoB Hoardstalker is forager Bloodrager Melee Deathslinger Range Stormbringer Magic
  4. What I find so humorous is that nobody remembers how often they ban people for this and how easily it is detected. Are the only thoughts in their head "OH WOW I CAN GET FAST RC XP NOW!!!" Fat lot of good that xp will do if you're banned. Indeed. It's impossible to think those sort of xp gains are legit. I think it was just a mistype on the part of whoever was changing the xp to 2 and they put 20000 instead. How do you mistype FOUR DIGITS?
  5. Only the worst exploiters will get permabanned. Those over X amount of experience will get temp ban, rest will hopefully go free. To above poster. Exp cuts in half when you leave dungeon without finishing.
  6. Are clans going to see a massive dungeon to compete in?
  7. No you get an xp penalty for doing that. Ill still get only a tiny amount of exp when doing floors with low base exp. I just set complexity on 1-2 and do 2-4 floors until i get to higher floors
  8. Is it worth putting complexity to 1 when getting floors back after you have reset?
  9. Dungeons & Dragons sarcasm doesn't work in text format.
  10. This skill can tie in very nicely with questing, which is a big part of RS. The best rewards are only available after some quests. I can definitely see this being epic.
  11. Oh but here's the problem. You criticize every update, because you just dont know how to appreciate the game.
  12. I do agree that WOW focused more on team oriented aspect as a game on its own. But it would be pointless for RS to release another soloable grinding skill. Even thought I really like doing things myself, but at least this will offer more variety compare to all other skill so far (not to mentioning training all other skills as well). After all, its only one skill that share the same similarities, majority of the skills still belong to a genre of their own. At least try the new skill yourself to see if you like it or not. Depend on which direction the overall game is going, you can play along with it, or disagree with it, or just walk away completely. PS: I don't like the new skill myself because it needs a group (reason why I never try WoW in the first place, too much meeting and clan dramas I heard), but at least I am going to give it a try before I superficially judge it and generalize it. (At least I should be able to gather up some RS friend for fun in game activities) I have. I don't like it. So basically if anyone says something you people don't agree with it's trolling? Every bit of criticism, sarcasm, or joking is also trolling? I can't figure out which stupid word is used more and annoying, trolling or failing. And oh yeah, I said specifically that even if you don't agree with the song, it's not entirely my opnion. I was just coming up with whatever I could to make it all fit. I don't have everything. And everyone, shut up about me not giving it a chance. I've given it a chance. It still sucks. Firemaking also sucks. But still people train it everywhere. Dungeoneering is much better fun than firemaking. Do you train firemaking?
  13. Tl;dr You're just trolling anyway. So has anyone figured out what to do with those walls yet? its just soo annoying. they could have been something good that i've just run past.
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