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  1. 120 mil, pffft... and how is it "small" !!!! im still waiting for my 10 mil
  2. sorry to say this but runescape is going to take a back seat while i study, sorry. Basicly i wont be on as much anymore, toodles
  3. im sure its a good, but im a skiller so i cant give it ago but looks 10/10
  4. 3 MORE DAYS, then ill be back on :D. Did you miss me? dont answer that last day tomorrow, going on some jet skies (i spelt that wrong) Then i leave at 12:30 (usa time) get back 7:30 (uk time) then ill need a cat nap so i should be on at about 5pm your time.
  5. OMG!!!! new clan chat and stuff OMG!!!!!! it look cool, is it any good
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