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  1. Hi. I'm Pizza Man 94, and this is my goal thread [hide=The Goal]My current goal is to complete 1300 barrows trips. This should get me to 94 magic and hopefully some money :[/hide] [hide=Stats n' Goals]start / current / goal Combat 97 / 97 / 99 hp 91 / 91 / 95 atk 91 / 91 / 95 str 91 / 91 / 95 def 70 / 70 / 75 pray 85 / 85 / 94 magic 81 / 81 / 85 range 77 / 77 / 80 slayer 57 / 57 / -- summoning 121 / 121 / -- combat Skills 63 / 63 / -- agility 56 / 56 / -- construction 84 / 84 / -- cooking 67 / 67 / -- crafting 70 / 70 / -- farming 59 / 59 / -- firemaking 80 / 80 / -- fishing 72 / 72 / -- fletching 63 / 63 / -- herblore 61 / 61 / -- hunter 70 / 70 / -- mining 56 / 56 / -- runecrafting 73 / 73 / -- smithing 65 / 65 / -- thieving 82 / 82 / -- woodcutting Goals: 99 HP 94 Magic Green Partyhat more goals later[/hide] [hide=Setup]my current setup: [/hide] [hide=Method]I use ice blitz as my main attack. And I go in this order; Dharok, Ahrim, Karil, Verac, Torag, and then Guthan. I tend not to use any prayer potions and not much food, since I freeze the brothers.[/hide] [hide=Tally]Run #4 Item # 0 Bolt Rack # 3 Coin # 4 Mind # 2 Chaos # 2 Death # 2 Blood # 2 Dragon Med # 0 Half Key # 0 Current investment: 2 mil (not too bad so far) I'm also going to keep all of the chest rewards until the end - then sell it all at once :thumbsup:.[/hide] [hide=Item Tally]Ahrim: Dharok: Guthan: Karil: Torag: Verac:[/hide][hide=Other]i do a slayer task every now and then, so if i get something or do something cool, i'll post it here[/hide] [hide=About Me]I'm a guy from California, USA and I've been playing Runescape for about 3 years. My real name is Alex and i guess you could say I'm nerdy(if you want I can get a pic of me : ). personally, I have 3 computers (one has a fried motherboard), and in my house theres 8 working computers and 1 not working (one of mine).As for me with girls (;)), I have been asked out 3 times, but turned em down, I have no idea why, but other than that, I've sadly never had a GF :(. I have 2 dogs (ones a Labrador, and the other one is a Chesapeake Bay retriever.)I'm 14, I weigh about 180 lbs and am roughly 5'10". though I am heavy, i am not fat (remember, muscle weighs more than fat :mrgreen:). and i don't just sit on RS and play games, if I get bored, I'll go outside and play with my lab, shoot stuff with BB and airsoft guns, swim (if its warm enough), and ride my dirt bike (28 acres of freedom! but its all flat). Well, that just about sums it up for the info bout me.[/hide]
  2. bump... i've been offline for a while, looks like a new quest... gives me something to do :
  3. My situation is odd... but apparently common. Okay, I just started High school 2 weeks ago. Before I start, I am a 14-year-old Freshman guy (heh, yeah : I'm another one). and I am kinda shy, but I answer all questions openly and honestly, regardless of who is asking. And I am rather 'different' from everyone at my school. the stereotype of freshmen guys at my school is that they are obsessed with sex, the nerdy ones(my group) are COMPLETELY nerdy (in almost every way), the more popular ones are rich and get what they want, skaters are creepy and half [developmentally delayed]ed, and the emo's don't do the normal emo stuff, they just dress like 'em (and I completely don't like them). so I am different because, I am considered to be nerdy - which I don't deny, but that's just because I can run a computer better than 97% of the staff. but yet, I work out, I ride dirt bikes, I know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle(close to 85% of the people in my area cannot - and i'm only 14 \ ), I am good with woodworking, and see life as what it is - not as a fantasy perfect world, or a dark demonic failure world.... I am one of the few that can face facts at my age. Now that you've gotten to know me, here's my situation; there's this girl I like... a lot. I've had a crush on her for 2 and a half, almost 3 YEARS. She is one of the preps - and those who are in high school or even junior high know that preps and nerds don't work. But i did get to know her right before i started liking her. So I'm not basing my opinion off of looks. Not really sure how I can really elaborate much more. Thanks in advance to those who help.
  4. my subway sandwich is a club with american cheese, mustard, pickles, olives, and lettuce. along with cookies (mmmmm...) and a mountain dew. =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ \ \ :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :idea: =P~ =D> :D =P~ (in that order)
  5. cry? I haven't cried in years. I've had watery eyes from stuff getting in my eyes and whatnot. Some examples of what i've done without crying are: when i get stung by bees in the neck (has happened 3 times in a row... 2 from the bee just being a jerk, and 1 from me hitting one on my dirt bike and my neck was the only thing exposed.) or when I sprain my wrist from a 220 lb person landing on my hand wrong(not gonna say any names). or when I completely flipped my dirt bike and did a face plant. another incident is when I slipped and made a nice 4 inch cut on my arm from barbed wire. and on my other arm I fell off my dirt bike after an unexpected jump (I was going about 25-30 mph) and made two scrapes down the same arm and got right back up, started my bike [kick-start], drove it back to the garage, then looked at the wound. also thrown in there are 2 funerals to family members(not going into detail...:(). so thats about all I can remember that I've gone through without crying.
  6. You have to be alone to do that?
  7. thanks to both of you... and if by banner you mean sig, then thanks. I was Google'ing stuff and checking my blog at the same time... so i merged the two.
  8. i have a small list too! - sing (i have an odd voice thats good for some stuff... like Metallica and Nine Inch Nails - which is an odd combo but i can ge my voice to do both \ ) - Talk on the phone (i absolutely hate when people can hear my conversations.) - pace and think - play music through speakers if i'm home alone (it is one of those things like the phone deal, but both ways - i can't stand people playing music thats completely uncalled for.) - play with fire (i also do this with my friends) - ebay/google stuff (same thing as with the phone) and that, in a nutshell, sums up what i do when alone.
  9. Hi. anyway, i just got back from the beach and was checkin to see what everyone posted ... and theres nothing new -.-
  10. thank you! and i think i'll stick with bandos \ Edit: ok
  11. bump... NOTICE: i'm going to the beach for a week, so keep this thread alive and kickin!
  12. dude... for the past 2 years, I've been in love with 1st gen Camaros. I've even made a goal to buy a fixer-upper one and make it the ultimate off-road vehicle. then I Google'd '4x4 Camaro' and i found what is now my avatar \ .
  13. i know what you mean. personally, i'm 14. and i am for a first car i'll probably get an old jeep or my dads 70s chevy 1-ton. the truck needs a lot of replacement parts (new carburetor, windsheilds, maybe a new engine, maybe a new transmission, and i'd have to take another look at to get everything.). also, just because i'm 14 doesn't mean i don't know about cars and whatnot. i already know how to trive a manual and i have driven my dads jeep(manual) on the street w/o anyone in it. and my dad's truck around my family's field(manual - Dodge ram 2500; cummins diesel engine, this truck is massive for a pickup) w/o anyone in it twice. this was all with permission, of course.
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