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  1. Craft: Making emerald necklaces and selling to the rogue jewelery guy = 60k xp/hour with very little profit Smith: Smith ores into bars for profit (very slow), or make iron knifes (a bit faster, but still like 3m loss)
  2. Few hints: For mining essence: By using an abyssal titan (with scrolls offcourse), you can easily mine 2k-3k essence per hour. For iron/coal/mithril/adamant: if you're not interested in banking, the best place to go is the haunted mine (14 Copper, 15 Tin, 8 Iron, 18 Coal, 11 Mithril, 18 Adamant there) Other then that: Great guide! :thumbsup: EDIT: Might be good to add using familiars Desert wyrm/void ravager: 1 mining boost Obsidian golem: 7 mining boost Lava titan: 10 mining boost
  3. So...what would you say to be the best weapon? ags/whip/scim/ss/one of the obby weapons (and what one?)
  4. The guide itself is decent, but you shouldn't say this is "a better way" to slay dagannoths. This way just gives you better charms&cash. Cannoning dagannoths in the lighthouse dungeon is still 2x as much slayer xp per hour compared to this ;)
  5. i also think it's a good idea,it's that OR less playing time!20 minutes is much too long! it's a great mini-game but....!!!20 MINUTES!! like.....5-10 minutes would do.=O
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