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  1. thanks mate, i hav ava's atractor by the way and im currently training at the waterfall training area (ranging fire giants)
  2. hi guys, i am attempting to train to 70 ranged from 67. what do you think is the best way to achive lvl 70? thanks :mrgreen:
  3. " why should i sail with you! four of you tried to kill me, one of you suceeded" couldnt think of anything else
  4. yes. well i know you do with the spells confuse weaken etc. i think you still recive some xp though
  5. if you are not willing to do the hero's quest then i suggest the shop method.
  6. sirpip


    b coz i really hav no idea :wall:
  7. do you stop burning monkfish at lvl 90 cooking? thx in advance
  8. so basically i need a way to get to 75 cooking any ideas?
  9. you stop burning at 75 with gauntlets. thx for the help
  10. ok i have only 58 cooking and im wondering if i can get a nice little cooking cape without loosing too much cash. i have a mere 500k budgit i DO have the cooking gauntlets wich may be of some help. all help is apriciated :D
  11. hi, i know this is probably a stupid question but do you get slayer xp even if its not in ur assignment?
  12. its alright to call some one a noob when the scam you or something but not the low players
  13. i have.. 74 fletching 74 wc 59 cooking 58fishing can anyone tell me which would be best to 99 and how? thank you :thumbsup:
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