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  1. Please tell me if theres another one like this. :anxious: ok, i've decided to make a questionnaire so we can share our longest winning streaks with either a mage, range or melee snowman wether its only 1, bout 5-6 or more than 10, don't be afriad to post your best snowman warrior, mage or ranger let the discussion BEGIN! btw, my longest ever winning streak was with a mage snowman, about 4 other snowmen mages, 3 snowmen rangers and 4 snowmen warriors died at the strength of it before it melted (i think)
  2. belive it or not, when i started off i (somehow) made it to the temple of zamorak without any recollection of going through a town or city, i took one look at the wine, didn't get excited when i picked it up, and definatly NOT after #-o they all smacked me at once and i died straight away. :-w i was only like :-s though :lol:
  3. EVERYTHING that has recently happend to the gp bearers happens to you, and you die one hour after the last 'punishment' in agony. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I pick it up, and since im feeling suicidal, i hold on to it
  4. You know that you've been playing runescape for too long when you hit someone, they don't cry out in pain, and you say "OMG! DEF NUB!" :x
  5. kk, then lock this and ill start another in questionnaires might be a bit though EDIT: oh w8, it's already been moved lol #-o
  6. Yea, the F2P worlds are full of noobs that think they're being generous by shoving things in the chest that only a REAL noob would go crazy 'bout obtaining
  7. I have decided to start a thread in which we can tell each other about the best items we have got in Party Pete's Party Room. such as a rune platebody :P , 1k of laws :D , or maybe even a phat from some one VERY generous and rich 8-) First off, the best thing i have ever gotten from the Party Room (this was on a weaker account just earlier btw) is 63k :thumbsup: (63405gp to be exact) but before that (this was on the same account) I got a green d'hide item :) (can't remember which one, probably the body though)
  8. you try to drink wine of zamorak HAHA! YOUR DEAD NOOB, ZAMORAK POISNED THE WINE :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. just after that theres an earthquake and your house falls in on you killing you instantly! hah! didn't have anyway of protectin yourself :XD: :mrgreen: :lol:
  10. then you go to fight lessers, the sanwhich lady turns up, but your too slow in killing the lesser, so she teles u [hide]to the wildy[/hide] and then i come across u with full rune, full hp, when u also have full rune, and str pots that i can sense so i own u with one swipe of my 2h and swipe ur cash and armor and str pots (along with the deadly gp that was with the cash, to the bank i go :P)
  11. my bloody remains turned into a sword? :shock: i like that 8-) anyway, you dont realise it but its also sliced off your left arm and leg. so your all RIGHT!(sorry bout the pun) so eventually you bleed to death and the gp regenerates AND revives me, but some noob gets to it bfore me :uhh:
  12. asking where diango's workshop was during the 2005 christmas event (i thought it was in draynor manor) :wall:
  13. i pick it up, string it and put a white dot in the middle so it resembles a power ammy so i can show the noobs how "leet" i am 8-) P.S. tell me if i got a bit confused with the above post P.S.S. you get lured with ya best armor on (aswell as your 28 most loved items) and get Pwnzd AND Hax0rd
  14. I throw one of my master balls above you. it opens thus, revealing my regigigas that lands on you and kills you instantly :lol: . (yes, i like pokemon too, and i really have a regigigas, along with enough legendarys to make a whole lvl 70+ team : , with my favrourite legendary being giratina. it owns 8-) ) (i also have just bout every legendary from emerald on diamond, i used the pal park to migrate rayquaza, groudon, kyogre and the 3 regis, to get regigigas of course)
  15. After eating your breakfast you feel ill and die immediatly from food poisining :-X , i pick up the pouch and, knowing how other ppl die :ohnoes: , give it to some poor noob to see how they'll die (even though i know i'm gonna die somehow, may aswell give myself the pleasure of knowing a noobs been pwned) :twisted: :anxious: :twisted:
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