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  1. Sorry I think buying bank space is fine. Matter of fact I bought 4/5 of the bank boosters because there is so much aside from being an efficiency-[bleep] like most players that allures me to it.


    People are not angry because of this specific ability to buy bank boosters but they see the slow but steady increases in rwt. The advantages that however slight are being compounded with ever increasing releases of more rwt. A lot of players have junk in their bank me included. If I was really efficient I would not have kept the sof rewards, different varieties of pets, items to do lv 3 treasure trails which I don't do anymore and so on. Even so I still have a dozen space for more junk. So bank boosters are not really needed for most players.

  2. There is already gambling in rs but not directly in the form of gp. One of the barbarian assault reward is the possibility of gambling points for a reward. I know in this case you have to go to the trouble of playing the minigame and everything. But the word gambling is there so dicing would not be moral issue for them.

  3. "As a F2P player, the hi-scores inspired me to become a member as I liked to regularly monitor my rankings. Dont you think that the removal of this motivation will lower the member conversion?


    It is very easy to check the hi-scores now because we removed all the dormant and botted accounts from it making them more relevant and therefore enticing players to check them even more frequently."


    Politician answer, avoided answering the member conversion issue. It will lower the member conversion but by how much we don't know.

  4. RS is not big enough to stand on its own. Without f2p it would not have stood out in the past especially with the rsc graphic being so bad even back then. The graphic has improved in rs2 but so have the graphics of countless other online games. I was personally f2p for many years before becoming member and if RS was a limited trial or no trial I would never have become a member.

  5. I'd rather have them make the game more fun and less repetitive than have them lower our time required to be there to get everything

    And if it is fun time will fly by quicker. It is impossible to multi task this boring minigame. I also have trouble differentiating 3 of the 4 in the cure plant menu.

  6. Since when did this thread become a "merchanting is wrong!" thread? :rolleyes:


    Since some people decided to talk about the difficulty of acquiring some skills, then it came to comb vs. skiller, then in how much money you made with each and naturally merchenting was mention as a way to make money.

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