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  1. if i were a member...but im f2p and i dont think anything that cool can happen on f2p lol
  2. i just came back from a nearly 5 year break from runescape...whats the abyss and what are rc pkers lol
  3. im f2p and i've been cuttin willows alot and banking and i will have something like 20k when i hit 80 wcing (4 lvls to go :-) ) so i was wondering..do i sell the willows or burn them i could make some decent cash selling them...but as low as prices have been driven by these wood shops maybe i should burn them i calculated i could get to 76 fire making roughly.
  4. I recently started using my pure ranger again after a 4 year break..and i'm very unframiliar with best practices for lvling i am f2p only and 68 range right now...i was a firm believer in the hobs behind the crafting guild then i tried the lesser in the wizards tower for a lvl but it always seemed so crowded...are there any other places i should be training that i dont know about? also what arrows should i use or what lvl should i start using a type of arrow...any useful advice is appreciated thanks
  5. "I would be glad so I don't have to bother my bro for his credit card again." if you arent old enough to have your own credit card then don't talk about kids being annoying...if anything jagex should work on an 18+ server...not the garbage you are talking about
  6. crofeather anyone seen him, he's an old friend from like 4 years ago...idk let me know...
  7. I just recently started playing runescape again after a 4 year break and there is an old friend i am looking for and was just curious if anyone knew if he was still playing or not or if maybe he would read this post...anyways any information you have would be greatly appreciated his name is crofreather and my old main accounts name is lil_joker420...
  8. i for one think this is absolutely hilarious that runescape gold is important enough to people that there is a justified need for sweatshops...that's hilarious...but as a skill player i dont like sharing yews or the dock...but still atleast now i can laugh during the extra time it takes me to get a full load of yews.
  9. but if any one remembers like 6 years ago the pink p hat was worth the most..and now i think it's the cheapest...they go in spurts for awhile the green was and now blue is the popular one...
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