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  1. Cool looking shop! I might add a request later on on my new tip.it account, im looking around on Shot :
  2. Hey guys! \ Im almost at 73 Range, I got 1.5M from selling my new Dark Bow after it went up, and now im at mage trees cutting mages : Well, thats about it for today ;)
  3. : hey guys nothing really new, i just keep ranging via slayer.
  4. Sorry Etp, I thought you were ignoring me :( Thanks J35u5, and my awesome new sig is made by... Siddah!
  5. Hey guys, Im getting 80 Range for Hybridding at Dks and some God wars. I got 71 at aviansies and now 72 at hellhounds, now im going to fire giants for 80 : Also, im not going F2P and im playing a little less, because I have stuff to do irl, so ill be around 2 hours a day : \
  6. I r gud at everything. : Anyway, just got 43 rc! 1 more level!
  7. Ooh! awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Good Luck on 99 Farming! But i know one thing that could put you out of a job.. ^Those commercials are awlays on ;)^
  8. Hey guys, been doing some Ess and crafts! I got 41 earlier and im still working toward 44. Air Runecrafting gloves ftw : Anyway, guys there might be a chance that in a month, when im back to school, ill be F2P for a couple months, because ill be busy with school and some other stuff. It gives me a chance to do more Runecrafting, Crafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Mining and Smithing while im F2P, if i do become F2P. If so, ill come back and do some Cb! If not, then ill just keep Craftin' that ess! Ill get the nats for 70 mage, and alch yew longs and make a profit :. Then go on to my other low skills like Construction, Farming, Herblore, and such. So thats the gameplan at the moment. But once school starts I'll DEFINATELY be playing less, a couple hours a week sort of. So yeah. Well thats mah updayyyyte. \
  9. Thanks! No real news guys. Oh and... THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \ \ \ \ \
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