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  1. happy five day late birthday walker... >=[
  2. neeenah where have you been? have you died? D: imissyou.
  3. back : ) Flew for like 3 hours today : ) eeek you're richer then meh and, I'm sure your gold digging skills are like 8x mine : ( teach me : D bwahahahah I beat pokemon diamond... lets just say, with a nintendo wfc connection, 100+ hours of playing. and a full national dex (450 pokemon seen/owned) I own that game... speak of hte devil. my step asian (dunno if I told you that story.. nvm.. the one I told you the queef sotry about) she ran away o.o but came back >_< bwahahahha yarrrr I burnnt my self with my straightener.. I should spam your blog with a picture of it. you'd prolly touch your self to it : D I did :-w bwahahah yarrr, but..... get on your emospace you supposevily hadd.... 4 more days untill my burfffdaeee : D hmmm, log on rs... nvm.. lemme give you my skillers namee <3 (gotta make : X)
  4. Narbb okieee level 92 CharZARD : ) just in the nick of time to quit blue version. sorry, I left for Diamon. I FOUNDZ MY D.S. and yeah, so now, I r teh level 31 Grotle : D and, I'm going on vacation, and won't be back untill Jew lie 5th : ( if you get 99 before then, and I miss your party, I'm giving you a suprise. (plawks dont hate me) : D but yeshhh, I'm going to be prolly without a computer that can handel java, but make an emospace and hit me up : D /walkerxhc zo mi gawdd yar, so, expect, a, new, level, three, skiller, when, I, get, back, and, sorry, for not logging on lately. : ( work (oh yeah, I got hired at subway, ftw?) mmmm 7 something an hour <3 mmhhhmmm so yeah, my charzard owns, diamond is better, I'm going on vacation. Expect a new skiller Procrastionate on 99 fishing : D make an emospace and talk to me there : ) andddd,,, are you mad at me?? <3
  5. I hate page 9.... it says mean things to me sometimes : / making a new acc :D I'll tell you the name when I come up with a new one...mmmhhhmm
  6. OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!!!! I have toes in da pikker.
  7. oh mi gawddddd dude this is hot and, yeah dude your feet are like... well, I wont go there. but, mine are pretty hawt :D andd. I miss being level 3 too ftl. I think im going to Re-Start again. everybody is going to hate me though T_T I think they'll all be annoyed at me : / so, you'll be my only friend.... oh well... hhhmm also and, help me think of a new name.. I'mma log on now... and. ROBOTRIPPING IS [bleep]ING CRAZY don't try it.[/hide]
  8. why'd you quit your main!?!?!?!?1 i looked at the stats, you are teh ownage.
  9. ^^ what was that? I dont spam. good luck :D 88/99 fishing ghfjklds' wewt
  10. they all died in a tragic fire.... naw, they're still here, most of us just went our seperate ways. I'm the only remaining pacifism member on harl0es friends list. I have to say. the other guys.. were kinda annoying.
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