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  1. What is the degrade time of Battle Robe set? Also what is the rough exp per 1k Bursts at rock lobs? Thank you =D
  2. Alright I know there is no runescape official world for Pyramid plunder but is there a well populated Pyramid plunder world that anyone knows about? Thank you and much appreciated =D
  3. Here is a general layout I use, after this its all customizable these rooms all have benefits for being close to entrance.\ I just used failed paint so picture is crappy:
  4. Bring 2-4 pouches theres a Obelisk almost right above the rope. Personally I Glory to Edgeville, grab supplies, run to the Mine carts to dwarf city then mine mart to ice mountain, go to Rock cavern and rinse and repeat.
  5. Fletching to 99 is fast and easy. And making yew long bows is usually profit. Buying yew logs and making U and then buying strings and stringing will usually net a few GP profit!
  6. Im pretty sure just costume room and menagerie can be moved like that. Personally I know teak Wardobes are in between oak doors and mahogany tables. Hammers yes are very worthwhile!
  7. Warcraft53

    No "e"

    muwhahahaha alright down with tanis bow down is right now my minions
  8. Remember remember the 5th of November
  9. From 85-99 you have many options of what to fish its all what you fish is whether you consider it fast exp. Trout/Salmon are always the fastest but no money.... Barb fishing second fastest still no real money but strength and agility exp added in Sharks are always slow exp and alright money Monks are alright money and better exp then sharks at 85 cavefish are faster then sharks not sure about monks but money is good rocktail at 90 are great money but slow exp
  10. wow good luck with 99 RC thats going to take some time.... But would be very impressive. You can do it
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