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  1. I recently made an app geared towards rs called "Runescape Martingale Staker". If you box stake, you should check it out.
  2. Summoning doesn't need more familiars, but it really needs many to be reworked; particularly combat familiars and their scrolls. A proper economic analysis should be done so that people actually find uses for the niche-use scrolls..
  3. Ouch N64jive, that is one bad beat. That's poker though. Slightly off topic, NOT calling anyone a kid NOT calling anyone a RWTer: But free trade is kinda messed up, cause kids play this game. Some of them like staking. Staking is addicting as it has many qualities of gambling. Some of them like to RWT. GP = Money to those particular kids. Therefore, Some kids (those who play RS, stake, and RWT) are gambling. And besides kids, many adults are gambling through RS. Yet, there are no warning labels. It doesn't matter if pixels are Jagex's property, there should still be a warning, as Jagex does not have the resources to track everyone. I've said it for years, but I'm still surprised there hasn't been any sort of legislation for at least warning labels on MMORPGS in any countries yet.
  4. Really, this is just an affect of panic selling. Most items should have the same price on a current basis. However, I expect items to devalue in the long run due to statuettes (they still exist but obviously not in the same numbers). Probably why everyone is selling as well.
  5. Just tried nabbin yellow, couldn't get. Went for purp while I still could. I have faith.
  6. I don't think I mentioned in my guide, but there are a few things you can do for dogs. 1. Use your thunder gun! You get max ammo anyways. Just make sure you leave a full clip in as you can't reload it unless it's empty. 2. There is a "dog room" to the left of the back of the theater. You can activate that trap and be relatively safe- they still spawn inside that room, but it will only be a few. 3. Dogs have a really hard time running around in circles as they attack in straight lines. On solo, you only have 2 dogs on you at once. If you have jug, you can run around with a knife/bowie/ballistic knife. This works well up to round 20 or so. You can also run around in circles and just hip fire. I'd recommend this option if you can stomach it. 4. The turrets in the main theater works as well. I ran out of Zues Cannon around 55 or so. Also had no regular ammo left. I decided to try that turret and it still worked beautifully at that point.
  7. There are a number of things: ----- Natural Demand/Supply meeting at a certain point (for items with utility). High alch prices + stores will buy everything (mostly for items without much utility) Elasticity of items Shops, and their once a day stocks Statuettes, coin drops, and other ways raw GP comes into game Items leaving the game Monopolistic activity Amount of players Updates (this is pretty much correlated to everything else here) Since the advent of the Grand Exchange, Jagex on a few items from time to time The Grand Exchange itself; some items such as edibles are/were merely bought out to be used as bargaining chips for higher-end items (due to GE's constraint of obtaining such higher-end items) Bots / Gold farmers Amount of GP each player has, who has it, and the ratio for which it is distributed -------- I think this covers most basic ways items get their prices. I had to stop because I started listing too many things related to each other. But you get the idea. Off topic: Merchanting, besides monopolistic activities (and sometimes monopolistic activity is needed for the best value for society e. g. utilities), churns the wheel for a healthy economy. In real life, a lot of jobs wouldn't exist. In Runescape, the end result is the same. Pre-GE, they provided a hub for items. Post-GE, they can do the same on a number of occasions. I.E. Brews are bought out due to a new update (such as Nex). You may pay inflated prices to get such items.
  8. I haven't been to TDs since before extremes. But Uni and Piety is fine.
  9. Pretty cool. I started around dragon slayer. I'd like to find a small game again. Everyone knows everyone.
  10. I'm all for speculation concerning cashing in on future updates. But really, there's never been so many variables to consider so I'm just gonna play it safe and not bother worrying about it.
  11. Upgraded guns costs way too much to buy ammo for, and you will find yourself broke after ~10 rounds.. I'm gonna have to agree- 4500 for ammo, and you get far less than 450 bullets (assuming your bullets won't pierce/kill zombies). Although you do get a shotgun or grenades? attachment with the m16. Might be worth looking into actually. Also, turrets are an option, albeit less proficient for the cost and time, but I personally didn't have a problem with them spawning in front of me. Just gotta move fast. Meh just carried a team to 29 and they got bored and left. Can't blame them. 29 on 4 player is as long as 55 on solo.
  12. I wouldn't say your way or my way is better for soloing- but by round 50+ it seems like you wouldn't have enough zeuscannon ammo to do the main theater strategy.
  13. This guide is for solo only, although if a team follows the same tactics they could do easily as good. I got to round 58 before I got bored and shut it off. This guide also assumes you have some knowledge of the map already. One little tidbit that people seem to overlook: There is a max amount of zombies that can be out, according to how many players are playing and what round it is (not positive about the latter, it could be marginal). Therefore, whenever you kill a zombie, it can appear in the room BEFORE, IN, OR AFTER, the room you are immediately in. Just keep that in mind. BEFORE THE POWER (rounds 1-5): First off and foremost, do not buy Quick Revive or a gun. Also on solo, you want to turn the power on as soon as possible. Run up the stairs and peak out the lone window. You can jump up to see if the box is in there or not. If it is, you may open that door first to hit it if youd like. Use what it gives you. For the first 3 rounds, try to mostly do knife kills (130 points each) and use grenades if you have to. Get to the MP40 room as soon as you can. Youll need 3000 points to get there and have enough to buy the gun. Dont get the Stakeout, youll get more points by shooting with a regular gun. Also, on your way to the MP40 room, take a peek out to the theater; see if the mystery box is out in the theater. Do another 1-2 rounds until you have 2500. Do short bursts with the MP40 and knife if you can for the kills. Open the dressing room and back of the theater and turn the power on. When you get dogs, you can either A) shoot them with the MP40 or B) run around with your knife in circles. The dogs cant turn and attack very easily, so theyre really easy to run around with. I wouldnt recommend this though until you get Juggernog. Run around in circles (via the path you opened) at this point. AFTER THE POWER (rounds 6-10): It really is not necessary to use the teleport portal at this point- although it is necessary later on. Repeat with the MP40 circle strategy. The first thing you should save up for is Juggernog. Then get the Boeing Knife and Quick Revive. At this point you should be at round 8 or so. Zombies should be a 1 hit kill with the Boeing Knife until 11 I believe. Take advantage of this. Short burst shoot them with your MP40 and knife them like before for maximum points. Around 9 or 10, start looking for the mystery box. Leave a crawler (or a regular zombie) so you have time to mess around. If box is in the alley area thats OK; simply make sure you have enough points and start running in a big circle from here on out. TAKE WHATEVER IT GIVES YOU AND USE THE AMMO UP BEFORE TRYING AGAIN. Save your MP40 though. A ballistic knife and/or LMG is the best bet. Dont pray for the Ray Gun. It is a big piece of crap. Rounds 10-30: As soon as you have enough points, open the rest of the doors if you havent already and get the rest of the perks. You will start running this path as seen here: The red dots are good places to start shooting. You will also notice a few points where the path doesnt go the shortest way possible. This is because sometimes the zombies at the front of the pack can be faster than the ones in the back of the pack. By running around a little bit, this allows zombies to bunch up a bit, and this is safer for you and easier to shoot them. By round 20 I would recommend to start using the portal at the beginning of each round and also, start leaving nukes. This is so you dont have to worry about them spawning drastically in front of you. If you DO use nukes or decide NOT to use the portal, book it about halfway around the map before stopping. Then slowly get them lined/bunched up. Slowly start shooting them. Also make sure you spend some time by 20 to get the thundergun. You will use this for the zombies in front of you that you cant juke. Use it until its out of ammo then upgrade it. Also by 25 or so it really isnt worth upgrading anything else. ROUND 30 and beyond: By round 30 it isnt feasible to rely on any sort of gun to kill the zombies. Hence, you will do the following: At the beginning of each round you should use the teleport portal. It is an essentially free way to pack all the zombies together in the beginning of the round. Use the MP40 for points, while reloading (this is the most proficient way to make cash) off the wall, while getting your thundergun (zeuscannon) around corners/stairwells. You will do the majority of killing by setting the 2 electrical traps on the right side of the map, and the fire trap on the left side of the map. Keep in mind you have to BOOK IT after using those traps. By round 50, the zombies literally come out right away almost in succession. This is good and bad- you have to really know what youre doing, but you know you probably wont have any in front of you after you get through 3 rooms or so. If you *really* want to play it safe, or want to practice a bit first, you can run around shooting with the MP40 until the teleport portal is ready to go, and set the trap(s) on the last lap to that. That way, you dont have to worry about them spawning all at once because youll be safe. In many ways it gets easier as the rounds go on; your guns wont kill them, hence, you wont have random zombies in front of you. The hardest part will be to avoid them after turning on the traps (if you dont wait to use the teleport portal- which I recommend if you can, use the traps as often as you can group them together.. rounds get very very long). The two rooms you really have to be careful with are the two rooms on either side of the back side of the theater. It is VERY hard to juke the zombies in these rooms, so have your thundergun ready if you think theyre gonna be impossible to pass. There are tons of different situations you must be aware of. For example: if you had just turned an electrical trap on (from the right side), do NOT sit at the bottom of the metal staircase.. theyll come from the top and trap you really fast. As for the dogs in later rounds- if you have zeuscannon ammo left, then use that. Otherwise, just turn the turret on in the theater. Thats it really. I know this guide was disorganized but hopefully you got the gist.
  14. i_D_r

    Staking Builds

    Back in the day- defense. But today- with the insane amount of accurate DPS we can do, and depending on the stake settings, I'd say good old fashioned strength pures will probably fare better.
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