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  1. Uuuuhhhh, whaaat? So the new drops can come from every monster, and lower level monsters do proportionally worse drops? I assumed that only monsters who were already on the rare drops list would be affected.
  2. Me too. When i heard Free Trade and the (old) Wildy were coming back to RS I got tremendously excited even though I'd hardly played the game in several years. Part of it is that it's a kind of vicarious playing ... I've already got my lifetime's fill of grinding, but a still interested to see others doing it. Probably the reason the 200 m in all stats thread facinates me so much.
  3. With unlimited money at level 99, what is the fastest skill to train, and what kind of exp rates does it have? Thanks!
  4. 13m is too much? lol, you're gonna have a fit when more stat caps start getting moved up to 120 from 99.
  5. I'd like to make Rune/Pure Essence stack. The entire game would go completely haywire. The price of runes would fall to 0. Everyone would be mining and runecrafting 99 by the end of the month, and magic 99 by the end of March. Inflation would sky-rocket via people selling millions of runes to stores, and all purchase-able store items in the game would be bought by every player in days. Loads of quests would become easy as pie. Crazy. A couple of bytes' difference in the coding .....
  6. Everyone has to pay their Dumb Tax at some point. Better to pay in gp than $$s.
  7. I've played Runescape on and off for eons, but something I've never been able to get my head around is how players knew the worth of an item before the Grand Exchange appeared. I made my first 100k at a point when I had loads of coal in the bank that I was going to smelt into steel stuff, smith, and finally sell to a General Store: the only way back then that I knew of making decent amounts of money. Obviously smithing was a hopelessly slow way of making money, but I would have carried on in a similar vein had it not been for this random guy who appeared in the bank one day, saying he'd buy coal for 200 gp each. I thought Christmas had come early. Thing is, though, that if he had offered 125 gp or something, I'd probably have sold the coal to him anyway because I had no idea what it was worth. I genuinely had no clue about pricing. I think with my earnings I bought a rune hatchet from someone for 30k, only to be told by one of the onlookers (after the deal was done >_>) that I'd been scammed. So how do people know what items are worth? Obviously their price in shops is a guideline, and the price to buy the ingredients is always going to be greater than the amount the items will fetch (excepting when the price has been pushed through the floor, like with maple logs), but what happens with items that sell in shops for less than people are prepared to pay for them -- party hats for instance, or crackers, masks and so on, even more mundane items like flax? How does a player without a vast amount of data about how many of each item there is, how many people want it and so on know the price of a given item? When GE fixed pricing goes out the window (as I'm sure its about to do soon ...) and the vast computing power of the Runescape team is gone, who says what items are worth?
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