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  1. By saying he had no interest in helping he meant he had no interest in sharing any data he may or may not have.
  2. You really need a larger sample size, as otherwise your numbers could be skewed by the RNG. For example, with 80% accuracy there's a 13.98% chance you get exactly 40 hits, like in your first test. However, if the accuracy were really 70%, there's a 3.86% chance of getting exactly 40 hits. Similarly, an accuracy of 90% has a 1.51% chance of getting exactly 40 hits. So while it's about 4 times more likely to have a real accuracy of 80% than 70%, and 10 times more likely to have an accuracy of 80% than 90%, your sample size is small enough that the probability that the real accuracy is something other than 80% is large enough to be significant. To continue the example, lets say you did 400 casts and got 320 hits. This time, with 80% accuracy, there's a 4.98% chance of getting exactly 320 hits, with 70% accuracy a 0.0001687% chance of getting exactly 320 hits, and with 90% accuracy a 0.0000000963% chance of getting exactly 320 hits. While these probabilities are much smaller, the relative probabilities are much larger, 29500 times more likely to really be an accuracy of 80% compared to 70%, and 51000000 times more likely to be an accuracy of 80% compared to 90%.
  3. I talked to Vex and he has no interest in helping with this.
  4. Why are you making it require over 7 weeks to get a tier 7 citadel? One of the 3BO leaders, I think Lemar, was talking about how they said this in the clan leader forums.
  5. It's an invisible boost, you can't see it, but it's there.
  6. tripsis and kelsie will have to fight it out.
  7. I achieved ~275-280kph on task while urning the ashes, and completing the task in one trip.
  8. Until you provide proof, you're just another kid spreading rumors.
  9. Isn't asking what was wrong with the binds suggested by Fire_R_A_G_E is a Dungeoneering question? Please stop attempting to continue this discussion. Everything was answered and settled, and Fire_Rage is discussing this with us in private. You can PM me if you want to argue about anything (I enjoy politics, dungeoneering, and men's fashion). And by men's fashion, he means ass-less chaps.
  10. it would take, I guess, about 2207 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes, and 37 seconds.
  11. People who use AHK are rapists and moral nihilists. DGS does not condone nor promote the use of botting programs such as AHK. Jagex has no sympathy for it either. I got a 2 weeks ban for doing it, starting yesterday. I was following the 1 input 1 output rule @ teaks but I guess it doesn't matter to them. what exactly where you ahk'ing at teaks, dropping the logs?
  12. Bots are not EXE files. Lol. They are JAR files. Thus, your permission is not needed. Just FYI, botting software could be written in Java and distributed in JAR archives, written in any of a number of languages and distributed as an executable binary, or written in any number of languages and distributed in source form for later compilation or to be run through an interpreter... just like software for most other purposes. Maybe the one's you've come to know and love fit the first description, but there's no reason they all should. Sounds like we have a pro botter here! </sarcasm>
  13. The only research that would need to be done is finding the number of game ticks between receiving resources. From there the success rate could be easily calculated from an exp/hr rate, which have already been researched many times over.
  14. If I had enough extra money sitting around to afford spending $2k on such a trip I would, but, alas, I am a poor college student so it won't happen.
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