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  1. Hello everyone, I need advice on what to make to get from level 81 to level 99 herblore. As a skiller, are extremes/overloads are out of the equation as I cannot sell or use them? Or is the amount of experience gained from overloads worth spending 200m+ despite how useless they will be to me? Thanks in advance!
  2. Anyone have good ideas on how to go about this? On my main I planned on making extremes to 96 then using them to make ovls up to level 99. But ovls will be quite useless on a lvl 3 skiller so anyone have any ideas on how to get to 99 without making any useless pots that won't resell in GE. I have about 200m available to spend on herblore
  3. So in other words its absolutely random and there's no way to predict this. I was planning on transferring names and I don't want it to get sniped
  4. Does anyone know on what day or what time these updates are supposed to happen? I need a good answer so please try and be precise as possible.
  5. I'll be honest with ya...I haven't trained combat (lvl 116) in well over a year and my slayer level has been stuck at 54 for a year and a half. I've never fought a boss let alone SEE one during my runescape life. My goal is 99 slayer down the road so i'm making the overloads for that purpose...as for antifites, i have about 300 normal ones but I also have a DFS.
  6. Well i'm starting from scratch almost...I have the ranging pots that's about it. so it'll be around 3600 overloads for 98-99 herblore
  7. So I need to make 3600-4000 overlords to get to 99 herblore...that sound about right for you guys or did i mess up my calculation somewhere?
  8. Extreme magic, ranging, attack, defence and strength...am i right?
  9. I've pretty much made Prayer, Antifire and Ranging potions up until level 82...anyone have any idea on what I should make the rest of the way? I want to make things that can sell easily in GE so I can at least get some return back. I also want to spend only 150m more on this stat as well. Advice please?
  10. Good luck on your goals man...so close to 200m xp, you're killing it.
  11. Thanks man, i haven't really put any thought into it. i'll have at least 100k gold bars to work with though...any suggestions?
  12. Imp Killa's Goal Blog A little about me I started this account in 2006, and have been playing on and off since around 2008 with some major breaks lasting up to 6-12 months. I'm usually pretty busy with school (currently in 3rd year university) and with my social life, so I don't usually get a chance to go on much. It's been 6 years since I first started my account and I have yet to reach a single 99 (pathetic, i know lol) so I decided I'll finally set some goals and actually stick to them this time. Goals • 99 Smithing: This has always been my favourite stat and when I first started I told myself it would be my first 99 • 99 Mining • 99 Magic • 99 Crafting Stats Bank Worst comes to worst, if for whatever reason I have to buy my ores (hopefully not), then I have an additional 250m+ in items if the 32M in gold is not enough [hide=Smithing] [/hide] [hide=Mining] [/hide] [hide=Magic] [/hide] [hide=Crafting] LOL [/hide]
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