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  1. I would actually guess you mite not need anymore...lucky kid I need sooo much more cash for 99 range...old account got locked and lost all i had...like 8m
  2. I've got nothing better to do at the moment... Will be getting a job soon though. -.- same normally i chill during summer and dont see many people cause i go on alot of vacations and go to beach everyday..mostly just see girlfriend at the beach and some other people but other then that its basicly just chilling at my house playing counterstrike or runescape...or xbox live!
  3. niice, I actually like the set now, i wanna see range one tho, just cause if i get one thats the one i will get
  4. Does anyone have pictures of wat they look like when you buy them and then wat they look like wielded? also def requirements and stat bonuses?
  5. I STRONGLY recommend it, bolts are quite expensive and eventually around 72gp per crystal bow shot, but they are still more powerful then rune
  6. Hey I just wanted to know what this looks like, if anyone has it plz post pic... crystal bow 3rd age range legs fighting torso rest dont really matter
  7. i've got a very good one for range, but I don't have range cape yet :x
  8. ahh nice kill, I would love to get loot like that... and to all the haters, if you don't have something good to say just don't post...obviously some of you are jelous of this kill or maybe others think its a fake, either way just don't post.
  9. haha thats so cool, good luck! that would be so awsome if you did this..
  10. don't see how you guys can be hating, and saying he has 200m look at his sig...not to mention stats he could start with 100k and at the end of the day have 100m
  11. ahh im a want-to-be staker, i envy you so much :x what i could do with one 15m stake :evil:
  12. wow i almost hate you :( i wanna be a staker so i can make cash like that, but i dont have the start up money :wall:
  13. dang! I have a big dance tonight, sorta a graduation thing of Junior High (IK its not a big deal) but the dance is supposed to be awsome ever year. So I can't make it, unfortunetly I won't have a chance at the ranger boots :(
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