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  1. I had an idea like that before, except it gave the weapons spec. atx. Ye, it wud be cool for f2p to have spec ataks, even if they arent too strong. spex = like bolts, only weakened?
  2. My first death was at Wiz tower, way back then when Grayzag the wizard was still attackable. I attacked him. He did a lot of dmg on me, so i tried t run out the door. Some creep kept shutting door when i opened it. Then grayzag killed me. From that point on, whenever i had gone back with C blair, i had always killed grayzag at least once - for revenge. :twisted:
  3. me - rune dagger. A lvl 50 came up to me while i was killing a lvl 7 dark wizard, i accepted, he gave it to me, and afterwards i was shouting (in real life) WOW, this is awsome, it's a weapon for high-level people! (this was on other account, Sara Meleer - he is currently lvl 15 and obviously has it still. :)
  4. If u have any ideas, post on. Plz, i want it to be a good thing and and not a heapin ton of poo.
  5. That looks basically like what i had in mind, ty. i hope if i submit on RS suggestion forums, it will be approved.
  6. Revised layout of room - Door - bold line View orb - centre (V) Seating - same (S) bookcase - same (B) Security orb - in opposite corner of bookshelf (O) Rug - in south part of room ® path - lvl 45 - dirt (10 soft clay), lvl 55 - limestone (10 limestone bricks), lvl 65 - fancy wood (10 mahogany, 2 gold leaf), lvl 75 - marble (2 marble)(P) Visual aid - Viewing room Click on zoom for best quality
  7. Also, nice suggestion bout tele port spheres. you would have to use certain amounts of runes for each ball and other items, and you can view what happening there, kind alike tzhaar view globes. Also able to kick out partycrashers, XD
  8. Btw, i got other ppictures... Oak view orb Teak view orb =)
  9. I like it! i defeated the Inadequacy a few days ago, imagine the face of a noob when he sees a nightmarish colossus barreling towards him... heheh
  10. Also bump the ghostly armor (body, legs, helm, shield, and possibly a 1h ghostly weapon.)
  11. Btw, luv the idea of combining visibility ring and ammy of ghostpeak into 1 cooler looking item (for the section mini-quest, u take the two items and other assorted junk to some npc who upgrades the ammy , also untradeable so no scammers taking advantage. =) Also, if u wana PM me ingame, im usually on between 4pm-8pm. if not, then dont bother, ill be training and wont be distracted.
  12. Got 1 for mahogany view orb (yea i kno its cheap but it works somewhat well to get the point across!) Notify me if its acting weird or doesn't show image, k?
  13. also would be cool to finally be able to autocast god spells... heheh, burn guards burn! ( i have unlocked flames of zamorak)
  14. Ok - no booing or anything (bumps allowed). Plz reply if u view, leave constructive criticism. Jagex saves which quests you've done, right? well i had an idea how to use that. At lvl 45 you could be able to build a viewing room (4 entrances) Hotspots - Chairs (obviously) Bookcase (like in parlor) Magic projector - the biggie here... would be able to see the cutscenes that the player who built the house has expirienced yet (and would warn that there might be quest spoilers inside), would peer inside ad select a cutscene. Materials in mind - oak view orb - lvl 50 (1 uncharged orb, 10 oak planks, 100 mind runes) , teak view orb - lvl - 60 (1 uncharged orb, 10 teak planks, 5 steel bars, 500 mind runes) , Mahogany view orb - lvl 70 (1 uncharged orb, 10 mahogany planks, 1000 mind runes and 2 gold leaf.) suggestions supported (srry got no pics of suggestion yet, workin on it)
  15. Gr8 idea, i think might be interesting... lol, walkin around with what looks like a ghostly karils x-bow... :D
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