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  1. My mum once went to bed, woke up outside (Backyard) sitting on a chair with a cigarette* tray next to her with a cigarette* in it while the dog was licking her face. Plus, the window was open. Lmao
  2. Used to have 27 days of songs then Sis and dad and mum all got new computers and took their songs. xD Slipknot is my only playlist atm
  3. I doubt he accidently kicked me. And plus, what he did was ignorant and nooby. (P.S. I didnt say the other person wasnt kicked)
  4. I might train range, not in the early stages though. I dont like it + it takes way to long + is boring. :-w Then again it does help with alot of shortcuts. :)
  5. I dont want a style of combat (Sorry for wating ya time) 'cause I'm gonna equal all except pray and range :)
  6. Tip.Mech Mech.It? Or just another forum piece?
  7. Super Mario on NES > Halo Series. I couldnt care less about halo tbh, I think they should release a game like it called Horns for the Wii. Any real games like Halo for the wii? :D
  8. ^ :shock: I didnt know there were many skillers. Bump.
  9. Yeah I agree But locking them still keeps the place swamped.
  10. How do you figure he rightfully kicked me the first time? I didn't do anything -.-
  11. I never said "Ripping on a mod is intelligent". Infact, I never said I didnt deserve the 2nd kick. I just think he should've answered. :|
  12. (@ Themasllone) I *am* a skiller but I want to level out my stats to be an average player?
  13. Well here's the problem; I got hacked on one account and I continuously get hacked even though I changed my password. Thing is, I've cleaned my computer all the time, and still get hacked. So, I gave up on that account and made a skiller. The skiller I have is F2P and has been for about 8 months. But I'm going to get members very soon and was wondering: Seeing as I might get members, there will be only about 20% of what to do as a skiller than there is as a Normal player. So I ask you guys, should I train combat and magic, slayer and summon? Prayer and range would be nothing to me as I wont be a pk'er and wont need the stats. + I really need those cooking gaunlets, with such a high level cooking for F2P it would get alot better and I'd like to cook sharks with no burn. Again, I really want to train Thieving, hunter, slayer, summoning, etc. But they mostly rely on combat. People would say "Skillers can do hunter anyway" but only half as well and as quick. Hunter is in many different locations that have high level monsters, E.G. Revenants(Sp?) Another thing here is the ability to high alch and enchant items; this would help alot seeing as I can barely ever sell my items. And again; weilding weapons like axes, Going to cut mage logs? SO HARD. To be able to get 28 per inventory would save alot of time and get alot of money in the long run. (Thats over 1k extra per load if I just get my attack to 40/60!) Another thing is trust, some people wouldn't trust a level 3 because it's a bit suspicious; being an account made for scamming? Merchanting may be hard as people would right click on you and only see green writing on your name. So should I stay as a skiller, or become a combat'er? With all the advantages of being a combat'er I seriously think only att, def, str, and mage is the way to go. ~King Royale.
  14. I never said I didnt have time. That is true but if he had a brain he would've answered and THEN kicked...
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