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  1. Lioness, he is pretty gay and is all mine, sorry! :) Also he is 26. Thanks Sunny :) I know!! I can't wait.
  2. Levels I have gotten today: -77, 78, 79 Runecrafting -45 Dungeoneering -95 Firemaking !! Good night :D
  3. I won't be getting 95 firemaking. Not sure when I'll be back to playing this weekend. Busy busy :)
  4. Just got 94 Firemaking, hoping to get 95 by the end of tonight!!
  5. The concert was at 7PM sunday :) And it was AMAZING !!!!!! She has a really great live voice. But I am back home and currently working on FM again. Thanks for the bumps :)
  6. The concert is less than 3 hours away !!!! We made it to Lincoln NE and in our hotel. I'm so excited !!!!!
  7. I just achieved 92 firemaking !! I will be going out of town this weekend to Lincoln, NE to go see Kesha Sunday! I will also be attending the Omaha Zoo Saturday and will be out until about Monday. See you all then, keep my blog bumped for me!
  8. Congrats! Just got 92...I will probably be out of town when you get your 99 so Congrats when ya do!!!
  9. I did achieve 91 fm last night and I hope to get 92 tonight !!
  10. If I ever make a jack or rum & coke I always have to go to McDonald's first to order a large coke from them. Tastes so damn delicious with rum
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