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  1. I know! I acheived 91 last night and now I am halfway to 92 !
  2. My new goal is 99 Agility!. Sorry I have not been active I just haven't felt like updating. But I started this goal last week at 88, and today I achieved 90 agility. I hope to achieve this by the end of September. Root for me! Zach.
  3. No way, ha. I got to 60 div and switched to do dungeoneering. Went from 45-50 and now I'm going to do some challenges
  4. I was 83 summoning before I quit. :) Always wanted the Vulture now I want a dragon.
  5. Soulsplit? And how hard is the QBD? I had no idea I had to charge the royal bow every 10 hours.
  6. pull over sucker, now spread em. Let me see what you're packin' inside that denim.
  7. Today I achieved my goal of 99 Firemaking! Here is a little something I found from 2007 on my blog! The first time I went for 99 Firemaking. Only 6 years late but I did it! Thanks for everyones support!!!! Zach
  8. I achieved 96 firemaking tonight aswell as 10M fm exp! See ya tomorrow!
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