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  1. So I thought I was in at least one of your 99 level pictures...but I guess not. haha
  2. Is the old TET team switching to The Monster Hunting Team or are they all new members?
  3. I changed my name back. Just for you!

  4. Welcome back :) I was in the same situation & lost everything. I did barrows for a few days and managed to get about 8M in loot :) Good luck
  5. Ran out of charms, now slaying for charms for 85. I want my damn vulture.
  6. Sad to see the ol' team go. I always had a blast! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures left of the events I hosted. I lost those years ago with my computer crash. Thought I had them archived on my blog but apparently not.
  7. 6/10, I like the brighter colors used.
  8. These two were actually taken a couple years ago, I really don't have any good recent pictures.
  9. 200k until 88 slayer, and current assignment is hellhounds.
  10. Working at an Animal Hospital.
  11. I've been looking forward to this game for a whole decade. I don't know though. It reminds me of the game Gauntlet.
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