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  1. However I do find it extremely unlikely that the corporeal beast was tele'd out. Like previously mentioned, someone would have screenied it, vidded it, or atleast told all of their friends about it while it was still alive. Plus who would have killed it to make it go away? :-k I have caught a Chinchompa in Zanaris that I accidentally teleported, this was a while back though.
  2. LOL "Do no evil" Jagex really does like the evil monkey trio.
  3. The one thing I would bring back is economy before GWD. When everything you wanted to buy didn't cost gazillion coins.
  4. Go-go megatopic, mighty longest mega-topic! Also, Napalm, which Die Hard part do you mean? 2?
  5. joke33

    Image Warz

    SC II's canteen with dancing Night elf hologram is way better than a club from ME 2
  6. Where are the "first few pages"- like "let me win" posts? This is a random pic/spam/chat topic now :(
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