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  1. You should also mention speed methods (such as the rock cake/dharrok method) and include pictures.
  2. Prices rebound, you can always hang on to the essence, or even use it and make more of a profit if high in runecrafting. My question is: when you buy the essence, does it come noted? Otherwise, you have to make a lot of trips back and forth to bank.
  3. I'll vouch for him. I joined his clan, and started at 1 mil as a F2P'er. I'm now at 6m 2 weeks in to "flipping" items. I just multiplied my money by 6! So long as you take the necessary precautions to investing, and know what you are doing, you incrementally increase your wealth!
  4. It's not quite in the Hiscores just yet. It's only at 36. :thumbsup:
  5. They are decent for manipulation, though if you aren't in the loop the big buyers (300m+) will sell before you even know it, and you won't be able to sell, even at minimum, for days. You'll get screwed if you're not careful! Best to flip items to your first 100m imo, then start short term investing like so.
  6. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. And as for more tips, I just remembered ... Flesh Eaters! I'll add that ASAP! I would rather an 80+ friend over my suggested 70+ friend anyday too, I just think it's harder to find such F2P people around. The higher the better I guess.
  7. *pictures may come later* *I will try to keep this updated* Introduction: Hello and hello! While I write this, people are awaiting the release of PvP worlds! Once these were announced, I couldn't help but notice the mass amount of arrogant pures running around asking for 3k gold. Why waste your time begging for gold when you can rightfully earn it? I will show you a few pointers that will help you out! START - Chickens! So, you just made your character, eh? Man, that dragon was sure hard to beat in the new intro : Now, it doesn't matter what you plan to level up (attack, strength, range, or magic) or how you plan to make your pure, you should head over to ... DUM DUM DUM! CHICKENS! Chickens are great to get your first few levels, because they drop FEATHERS, and FEATHERS are neat little things that sell for some good cash. You will make your first few thousand gold with their drops! Head over to the Grand Exchange, do the silly tutorial, and sell those feathers! Note: With magers, you can quickly go to the magic tutor, drop your runes, and ask for more to gain more to train with! MONEY - Stronghold Of Security! The Stronghold of Security is a silly little place that has four levels of awesomeness that pays out 10k and gives you a new pair of boots! Whoohoo! You can do this at level 3 and no armor assuming you know how to professionally dodge CPU's. However, it is recommended that you buy some basic food (trout would do, they are around 33-35 each at the GE) to bring along, though you won't need that much. The walkthrough on the Stronghold of Security can be found here: http://tip.it/runescape/?page=stronghold_security.htm NOTE: Make sure you set security questions on the Runescape website before doing this! MAGIC - Fist of Guthix! The Fist of Guthix is a F2P mager's dream: free runes! I personally went from 1 to 59 magic in a week while maintaining a life! Whoo hoo! Now, there are several ways to get experience here. I will go through my personal favorite first: the afker! Equipment: +Full Iron +Staff of Air +vambraces/d'hide vambraces (whichever you can wear) People will see your outfit and will try to correct you. "You can't hit with armor on!" That's the idea! By not hitting, you can look at other webpages, i.e. Tip.it, and read other guides while shooting magic and getting experience! You also will get NO HP experience, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what you are doing with your pure. However, if you are making a hybrid or tribrid, this way of leveling magic just may be the thing you need, since you level HP through melee/range! When it is your turn to collect points, just teleport to the center and die quickly (take off armor if they are melee/ranged). NOTE: It is not against the rules to do this, so long as you don't LEAVE your computer. Don't believe me? Read the rules on their website carefully! Next, the I-Wanna-Win! build! Equipment: +Staff of air +Anti Dragon Fire Shield (optional) +Boots (optional) +Blue magic hat +Blue magic robe +Amulet of magic/power Basically, you do the same as the previous setup, but instead you focus on actually killing the enemy, thereby giving you magic and HP experience. Most people do this there anyways. And finally, the Meticulous Disabler build: Equipment: +Full Iron +Staff of Air +vambraces/d'hide vambraces (whichever you can wear) The item build is the same as the first build, but the idea is different. Instead of attacking your enemy, you will cast Confuse, Weaken, Curse, and Bind. By doing this, you will level faster than the afk build, but it requires you to do some mad clicking. It's up to you; I personally got lazy with it. If you need a guide on how to play the Fist of Guthix, please browze around this forum; you'll find one soon enough! MONEY - Cows! Ah, yes, cows. We all killed one at one point or another. But guess what? Their hides sell for over 100 each on the GE! It's time to cash in! There are a lot of cow places to go, but the absolute best is the one just south of the new gnomecopters, and north of the Lumbridge mill. There, right next to the cows, is a DEPOSIT BOX! $ZOMG$! Kill cows, collect hides, bank, repeat. No biggy, decent cash and experience for your starter levels. MONEY - Softening Clay! Now, this may get ... BORING! But it can make you your first 500k or so, depending how much you decide to make. Either buy or mine clay, between a few hundred and a few thousand. Now, buy jugs/buckets of water on the GE. If they aren't selling (give it 15-30 minutes), try buying jugs of water at the cow place I previously mentioned. There is a general store right next to the deposit box that sells jugs of water for 1 gp each. Buy and bank there. Now soften the clay at a bank of your choice! The softened clay will sell around 170-200 each, depending on how the market is doing. To optimize your profit, watch the clay market and sell the soft clay when its price peaks! MONEY - Tanning! The more known/popular choice to make quick F2P money would be tanning hides! Either gather or buy a few hundred to a few thousand cowhides, then head down to Al Kharid. With cash in your inventory, withdraw 27 hides, walk to the tanner, tan them, and bank. You should be able to sell the tanned hides at the GE for about 150 each, which means that if you bought your cow hides, you make about 50 each. Again, you can maximize your profits by watching the price on the GE, and selling at the most optimal time. TRAINING - Cockroaches! Whoa now! Aren't those those high level things that hit pretty hard? I only have 1-40 defence! Have no fear, cockroaches are neat things that have two great factors going for them: +They are non-aggressive! +They are in a multicombat zone! This means you can do Lootshare! Yeh! If you have a F2P friend that is around 70+, (s)he can tank those big bugs for a good while, especially if you help out by giving him/her food (tuna suggested, it has a pretty low price and won't go over the 3k trade limit)! In a team of two, you can get decent experience and drops at the same time! NOTE: It is suggested that you have 50+ in the skill of your choice that you are training. Cockroaches have decent armor, and will make training not worth it if you are below 50 attack/range due to inaccuracy (though you will theoretically still get decent drops due to Lootshare). It is up to you on what you want to try, though. TRAINING - Flesh Crawlers! If you want the fastest melee/range experience possible, whether you're pure or melee F2P, flesh crawlers are the fastest and safest way to train, all rolled up into one ball! These little buggers are located in the second level of the Stronghold Security dungeon. Here, there are three types of levels of Crawlers you can train on, they all hit for only 1 damage (though they do have a high attack rate: rangers beware!), and they automatically attack you, letting you look at other stuff as you train! The absolute best spot is the south east corner of the second level, where the Crawlers are only level 35. They stopped attacking you? Simply run towards the west for a bit and run back, and voila, they hit you again automatically once more! You're a ranger and don't like being hit like this nonstop? Tough! Kidding! In the southeast room there is a safespot in the most southwestern part of the room, though this will require you to manually hit the monsters yourself. I'm sure you won't mind, though. Make sure you bring food for this one guys! ...Is it just me or are my training suggestions becoming a bit buggy? Get it? ;) Comments/Question and Explanations/Answers: Right, well I've decided to add this bit to clarify anything that seems to be throwing people off. Always keep in mind that these are POINTERS, which I guess that it barely makes it a guide, but they are steps that lead to the creation of pures, so I guess this flys as a guide : Comment: My Response: Conclusion: Surely these steps will help you kick off your pure to a successful start! If not, feel free to post other ideas that functionally work. I will add them and give you credit!
  8. Hmm, so you say at least 130k exp off of knocking those guards out an hour? Well, if you do the math, 130k exp/hour means that you did it flawlessly 7.5 times a minute. Yeh...not going to happen... Maybe recalculate how much exp you actually get at those levels. 8/10 -1 for not including sq'irk juice for lower levels.
  9. :shock: wasn't sure the def info on the 3rd age kite, I looked for it on tip.it and runehq, couldn't find it! Thought I might be better than dfire, guess I'm wrong!
  10. You just need 3rd age kite, imagine the defence you get off full 3rd age! ...There is a 3rd age kite, right? Anywho, good job! Keep it up!
  11. Haha, that's exactly what I did too! And it got me, what, 30 mining and smithing in 3 months? Obviously I was a pro skiller back then! :P
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