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  1. Ahaha, this is going in as an edit: Here's whats going on... MediaMonkey Gold, Sony E-Series mp3, Sony E-Series Vaio Laptop, sennheiser HD205 'phones.
  2. Well, unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) I no longer use iTunes. I have a generic mp3 'cause I'm a bit of an audiophile and dislike the way iTunes works... But I can tell you i'd have a few thousand duplicates... unfortunately. Too many to delete by hand.
  3. How do you organize your media (mostly music) library? As opposed to begging for help fixing my heck-hole of a library, I'd rather start a conversation and perhaps glean something useful. I, as many, got an iPod at one point in time, and had to convert all my music media that was .wma to m4a... and now I'm left with duplicates of both versions. Beyond that, duplicates of so many different songs from different sources, CD's, downloads, friends, and so on that make my 60 gigs of music more like 45 of real, original songs. TL;DR, our music libraries are a mess. how to clean this? EDIT: Using MediaMonkey Gold, with Sony Vaio E-Series laptop, E-Series mp3, and sennheiser HD205 cans
  4. the dead drive is disconnected, all i have running is the 40 gb one. no clue why it's acting up, perhaps it's something in the far reaches of my registry that no defrag has fixed?
  5. OK, i'm running an old, custom built 1.15GHz athlon w/ 256MB RAM and Win XP SP3... It was running quite well untill the slave 60GB drive failed. At that point, i was on a 40GB master with the XP i'm currently running, yet the computer was configured to work with a slave/master set up. It wouldn't boot, half the time, so i found out that i can alter that setting in the BIOS... then it was working pretty well with only one HDD, the 40GB w/ win xp sp3. Now the PC is beginning to boot up 20-50% of the time, on average, with failures displaying the standard "Boot Error, Insert Diskette X:" error. Strangely, it boots 100% so long as i change the "S.M.A.R.T. for Hard Disks" option in BIOS. Whether it's enabling or disabling it, simply changing the setting allows it to boot successfully once. Also, a defrag seems to help for a period of time. But after a few boots, it goes right back to failing unless i change that SMART option every time >< . Anyone know what i could possibly do? I'm at my wit's end, as techsupportforum hasn't been very helpful.
  6. All good points, Solidus ^^ Yeah, I do flirt back, and it goes on for a while sometimes. Anyway... So I think I'll do what you advised and get together with some friends and just let what happens happen wile not focusing on her too much.
  7. Hey all, there is this girl, and we happen to be friends; yet i cant take my mind off her, and its been this way for months! Well, i went to her pool party, and she says she gets crazy with caffeine so she was flirting a lot, and gazing at me. But it didn't feel fake, and we did the same kinda flirting stuff at the movies with a bunch of friends a week or two later and at school before this. Basically all this entails is holding each other's hands and pushing/pulling, staring at each other once for no reason XD, and generally being close (like sitting right next to each other) at the party and more stuff like this . One of her closer friends has even told me that she thinks the girl might like me. But its been like a month since all this until now, and four or so weeks back i called up seeing if she wanted to hang out, as i was invited to hang out while at the pool party; but she was asleep and when her grandmother woke her up she said "i woke up sick..." to me :wall: . Since then i have talked to her friends and all, but i'm afraid to call her back up; according to her we're both just friends and i think that by asking to hang out one-on-one it would mean something more... and i'm not ready for that just yet. Plus, i kinda feel like i missed my chance. So i determined that what we need is another party, but i can't host one, and its rude to ask for one... i feel like i'm at a loss of what to do. Can anyone help or give suggestions? I like her too much to let it go to waste, she's so... perfect, ya know?
  8. don't know if u heard this yet, but pens juts make things a bit easier, pencils came first, before that, wax and carving utensils, and before that stone carvings and bark carvings.
  9. welll on teh subject of gravity... what if we could send a solid ball of titanium (or whatever suits you, and is strong) into the center of a large, solid mass in space with its own gravitation field and impact, via a perfect tunnel? see what i'm saying? imagine boring into earth's core and out again, and dropping a cat in, would it hover in the middle or be imploded by the sheer gravitational force? or rocketed through at increasing speeds and shot out the other end like a cannon? *flaming cat hits government spy satellite*
  10. haha if you knew my brother you would know that thought apparently didn't reach him XD
  11. Also, on the "piss him off subject" I can tell you what my older brother used to do: step 1: ask for a free water (in the summer) from McD or whatever, usually in plastic cup. step 2: take said water and dump it out at the drinking machine (see where i'm going?) step 3: depress "Coke" button and enjoy free Coca-Cola! step 4: repeat until satisfied! over-and-over again.....
  12. One of my teachers, I believe, had a friend that worked in the fast food business and he informed him that while you may be paying over a dollar (GASP) for a drink, the actual end-product cup-and-all values around ten cents in raw materials. I guess you're paying for the license for the store to use the company's products and the profits for said store. Even so, at ten cents and for a medium drink I'd say that maybe just upwards of ten drinks is being a glutton, otherwise its just some conglomerate corporation getting fat off of the money from some over priced food!
  13. well, i say credit because that is what comes up whenever we buy something, but it is actually a credit union debit account (i think), but do you think payment by check (thus also being billed via snail mail) is availible?
  14. My family is gonna loose internet service because we lost our credit card and our dialup isp (Juno Platinum) automatically draws money from our credit account, if no money is there or the account is gone, our service is disconnected. Is there any dialup isp that allows you to pay via check, prepaid, or whatever option that doesn't require a credit card? also, the same thing is going on w/ netflix, so what can be done about that? thank you so much in advance for your generous help
  15. no, i mean like downloading a web page to my compy and selecting only certain links to be downloaded to, and their respective pages. example: misfile.com (if you've ever heard of it), and download the main page but just that and the store and those pages, not the adverts or the archive or anything, get what i'm saying?
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