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  1. Lameeee. Is it seriously this hard to get solid GP with good non combat skills these days?
  2. What's the best method to sell floors? I'm currently 86DG
  3. So apart from boss killing, what is ACTUALLY consistent?
  4. Also, what's the best stuff to farm at 73 farming? Oh, and I was sort of looking for something that gives out money at an hourly rate rather than a daily rate.
  5. Is there an updated list of dailies to be done?
  6. I'm a pretty high level, but I'm kinda broke. I've got about 15m to my name and it seems that slayer, runecrafting and stuff that was pretty good cash a while ago isn't so much anymore. What's some consistent, low risk stuff I can do to boost my cash pile?
  7. Question - If i max out my master penance horn and then do agility, will it all stack?
  8. Having a look at the prayer restoration aura. Prayer pot replenishing without activated - 33.3% (usual) With activated - 35.7% (or an increase of 2 prayer points for me with 84 prayer)
  9. So I'm nearing the 200k tokens mark, and I was wondering what the best is to get for me. I don't really ever PK, all I do is slay and boss kill every now and then. Thanks
  10. It can still be auras. They don't usually release stuff this early during the day. There's still a slight chance of auras in 4-6 hours. There will be no game update this week.
  11. I've been doing gilded altar training on w31 for a bit, and I can see that there are a lot of different ways of banking e.g. going to yanille bank, glory to edge or duel ring. What's the best one to use?
  12. Oh, and are there any peripherals I should use if i'm going to smith addy platebodies? e.g. special hammer or acheivement diary armour.
  13. How does smelting gold bars compare to the above options?
  14. Hey boys & girls! Just wondering on the best way to train smithing. Doesn't really matter about cost but the more efficient the better I suppose. Thanks!
  15. What does this mean for cheaper herby experience? Based on my uncalculacted calculations, done at 2:55am - The average amount saved would be 10% of the unfinished potion. This could save a lot, potentially, with potions such as fletching potions. After about 1100 Sara Brews made, i've had a gain of 109 unfinished Toadflax pots (very close to 10%) which would give me around 475k that I wouldn't have received back if I didn't buy the scroll. I guess it just feels like getting tax back ^_^
  16. And I bought herbicide. Just wondering what would be the best herbs to select to burn?
  17. Can I have some more info on the beacon deposit boxes? And is Goldsmithing gauntlets still the best exp for smithing, and at what cost is it?
  18. If i were to try and find a gilded altar open, what subforum would i go into? Thanks.
  19. The cheapest way to level up herby?
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