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  1. Yea It was great when I was younger. Wasn't the most stylistically amazing series, but it was very epic to say the least.

  2. You get Reality Bug name from Pendragon?

  3. Lemar was poking fun at Suomi a bit when he almost lost that game tick
  4. What does the energy transfer guy do when not crashing/anticrashing? Would you also have him kill graar, or would you just have him logged out on standby to occasionally log in to anticrash?
  5. Pfohlol


    Look around, plenty of those exist.
  6. Once there was a harpie who had a magical sex organ that was larger than ltk's bank and he had tiny wings that couldn't kick Santa's ass. The end was neigh for Rudolph who clearly had a red nose and little confidence. "Hello there Armorare," said Rudolph as Zaaps looted his swiss bank account. "Wtf you [harpie]," Rudolph noticing that zaaps had little sexymonkeys in his deep back pockets, took out his oversized piece of bio-medically engineered chocolate and gave it to obt. He got his swag up in Kelsey and was like "wanna rub my non-harpie fake wing?" Kelsey just wanted to play RuneScape. Obt just lost the game trololol. Sadly the harpies decided to kill nex and her four robed [non-harpies]. Nex then dropped three harpy babies. those babies were Zaaps 2, Armorare 2, and Ke$ha. Next, Nex crowned greens king but couldn't because he was farming. But then greens realized that farming was for [garden tools] and really expensive. if only armorare would have sex then harpies would be able to faap the world and Squab would suck mere's dick which would be epic and mere would orgasm all over the tip forums. It felt like Christmas. Until Tripsis suddenly joined the fray, I know now that I am a harpie
  7. Ovl fishing not nerfed. Tested potion drinking in general on some other things. Firemaking: You can cancel the animation for the initial log, however no effect on later lights because the subsequent logs already have the effect built in. Does not work for pyramid plunder (Would be awesome)
  8. I've heard there are like 10 instances of the frost cave per world. After the bots get the kinks worked out, there will be 10 times the previous supply of frost bones coming in :-| I have not personally confirmed this.
  9. Yea sorry about those floors today; They were a bit rough <_<
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