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  1. If you want it transparent, you need all the original pictures. lol.
  2. Why does this sound so familiar....Oh, wait.. http://forum.tip.it/topic/298976-terrorist-player-moderators-and-runescapes-mafia/
  3. Oh my god.... Are you freaking serious?.... ... .. . And they call themselves 'world's biggest free MMO...' They've had those ingame pop-ups for a few months now. I found out when I went on an old account and leveled a few skills. Somes up for the first few skills that hit level 10.
  4. Voice your opinions without showing any Runescape related footage. What could they do then? Call copyright on your opinion of their game? I think not..
  5. How exactly do I get on one? I would like to avoid the botters.
  6. 2nd 99 today, after farming. Finally got 99 in AFK-ing!
  7. Cool kids don't have parties. I'm gonna be sad if this is just another 99 no one cares about :(
  8. I'm not defending Jagex, I'd like them to do all of the things you've mentioned. I''m simply stating how they see things.
  9. Dude, if it was that easy they would've done it, lmao. Now, i can't say exactly how they code, but i can assume that there are several points in the game where it checks to see if you have a certain item. Like quests, you need certain items to make an item, get through a door etc etc. Now, you don't just change the list of item id's you also have to change any bit of code that checks for items. For example, a quest requires that you have a bucket of milk, an egg and flour before continuing. It'll read all the id's in your inventory and check to see if those 3 id's are in there. if you changed the id's with those 3 items without updating the check list for that bit of the quest it wont ever register those items. You know, I could be wrong. They might have a different system, but this is just how I see it. 1) why should they spend money to lose more money 2)that's less time spent on good content, people will complain about new randoms, a bot developer could make a script to get through a random faster then it did for the random to be created 3)Do you even realize how many reports they must get daily? it would take a great deal of people to sift through every report, which is just more money wasted when their automated system does a 'decent' enough job.
  10. I had a bank pin -.- But my anti-virus sent me to OT videogames, no thread. just the forum. What do you mean it sent you there?
  11. You have no idea how coding works. It seems like an easy thing to do, but it isn't.
  12. I don't think this is right but... I ain't complaining.(Pertaining to runetrack)
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