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  1. Enjoyed both articles, though the grammar in the first wasn't so great. It's hard to believe God Wars came out 3 years ago already!
  2. just wanted to say alo

  3. That is so cool! Wish i had skills like that :D
  4. I'm from Delaware, and its been as cold at times here, but briefly! We got one good snow, about 16 inches, that was it. Other wise been weird, one day is below freezing, next day its 60? Cant imagine below freezing most of the year! Crazy!
  5. Both very good articles. The points made in the second article couldn't be more true. Well done :)
  6. wow read wrong, i was wrong :P sorry :---) Though after quest with Ring of Charos(a) you can get fee for gold banking halved from 6 ores to 3 from dwarven boatman.
  7. TY for B-Day comment! Hope you have an amazing new year!!!

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