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  1. Hey, I recently moved really far away from my girlfriend, family, friends and video chat all the time. The cam on my laptop is awful, so looking to upgrade. Anyone have experience with some HD cams and have any recommendations? There are so many out there and the price range is from cheapish to crazy. Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks!!
  2. Feel free to add me in game (Opusx) and if you want you can stop by look at my layout. It's nothing amazing but i feel it works conveniently how it's laid out.
  3. Chaotic seems to be the best bet for you. If you just suck it up and grind for a bit those dg tokens will come in no time.
  4. Some people on reddit are saying this is a bug as the enrage mechanic isn't reset to zero when a new player attacks it. I don't know what to think. I experienced this first hand, it needs to be fixed if it hasnt been already. Really annoying oversight i guess
  5. First BTS I have been rather excited about in a while, a long while. And finally some FREE BANK BOOSTERS!
  6. Sinkholes are your best friend.
  7. I used this FC for a bunch of gold for gold pulls, with no issue. But I have seen some people use middlemen who hold each players money (going rate for pull i guess?) while they pull to make sure no one scams a pull. Not that that's really any better to be honest lol. I have noticed since aquarium release the activity in there has dropped a bit. Also if it's not a gold cracker, just pull with someone your fishing with. I use them on whoever, cracker or not in return.
  8. Just curious if there is a way to block a user so you don't see any posts, comments etc? Apologies if this is better suited somewhere other than help $ advice. Thanks!
  9. Are you me? Thats literally my same setup lol :thumbup:
  10. Swiller2


    Got what i needed, Thanks!
  11. The ONLY one I have ever seen was built by an engineer friend of mine. This was years ago in college. I don't think anyone makes a retail version. I think they just aren't as efficient as the reel mowers. I'll see if I can dig up pics of that DIY mower.
  12. Share X is way better, but that's just my opinion.
  13. The clue voyages have some nice rewards. The most useful one IMO is the Memory's because it will erase traits from a captain. Meaning if your captain picks up a negative trait you can wipe it versus dumping the captain. The Exile's reward is The Worldbearer ring which will teleport you to The Faraway Place Where Things Are Kept, where you can loot a chest containing some trade goods or another chest containing some dung tokens and stuff. The Tengu clue reward is The Gift of Gu where you can donate chimes and get random rewards and parts of the cosmetic outfit. Not sure about the other clue mission rewards. I have just heard this from friends/reading forums so I may be wrong about some of it.
  14. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. :)
  15. I am using maxed crew from The Pincers region, with a Whisp and 2 Terracotta merchants being the only hires from The Loop. So besides going for the new captains, how many of what crew members should I be looking for? Additionally, what are the best Totem and Icon hot spots to have built? I have all the gear and stuff so I guess from here on out it will be just making stuff to sell and the occasional scrimshaw for personal use. I have read the Wiki and other forum threads but I get confused with all the ports stuff so I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks! :)
  16. Guess I'll just have to keep going then. I hate these things.
  17. Is there anyway to check your progress on this task? I am pretty sure I have cleansed enough of each type to complete the task but when I talk to him I get nothing in the chat. Is there a specific way you have to complete this one? Getting annoyed here.
  18. Also I thought Kalger Demons were bugged and the upgraded darklight bonuses weren't working properly? (Just read that on forums somewhere - anyone know if the bug is true or not?)
  19. Ok thanks, pest control it is. I just liked playing conqjest over pc lol
  20. Need to upgrade my Void and used to kind of enjoy playing Conquest. Haven't seen anyone ever down there to play though. Dead content now I guess?
  21. I have experienced the same thing. Was wondering why I wasn't getting any pm's from friends that were online. No idea why it's happening unfortunately.
  22. Is it better to stay at a location for a couple levels after unlocking a new training area? I just hit 70 and am wondering if xp/hr would be better to stay or is it always best to train in new area asap? Thanks for advice!
  23. imgur mirror for those of us who can't stand tinypic
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