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  1. One of the rewards from the new Dimension of Disaster quest is an upgraded Darklight, and a commonly asked question I have seen today is: Is this upgrade worth doing the quest for? To answer this question, I decided to take my upgraded Darklight to Kal'Gerion Demons, and compare it to a Drygore Rapier. The factors I've measured are the number of seconds it takes to kill the demon, and how much damage was inflicted on my character during each fight. I also decided to take an additional sampling of kills where I performed Darklight's special attack, which is also upgraded to reduce the demon target's stats by 15%. Here is the raw data used in making this video; there is a noticeable trend, despite the small sample size: I definitely noticed a definite increase in accuracy and kill speed with the Enhanced Darklight over a Drygore Rapier. IMO, this is a reward worth getting if you plan to kill demons or do a lot of slayer. What do you think? Worth getting? Have you tried it yet? Let me know in this thread.
  2. Lava Strykewyrms are a popular spot for PKers because many Slayers are not prepared to fight off attackers. Anti-Random PKing means only PKing skulled players, a skull being proof that they actively attack others and are there for PvP. Anti-Random PKing philosophy states that you shouldn't kill someone who isn't there to fight players, and should attack those who engage in Player Killing. I hope this isn't a spoiler, but I smited out the guy for his AGS - that's a decent(-ish) loss and I hope I won't see him at Strykewyrms any time soon. Have you exacted revenge on any PKers hunting Slayers?
  3. Great point & thanks for the figures. The Tiaras are probably the better way to go, there are faster ways to make money... like the cockroach soldiers, alching carapace, for example. (since it's a part of my list) Or tons of other things tbh.
  4. Glad you liked the transcript, I'll keep doing that. The good thing about the Hardleather boots is that it doesn't require 55 magic or trained combat stats and just over an hour of it is how I got my first 100k cash on my ironman when I was just starting. It's in easily accessible Burthorpe and everything you need is there (except maybe the thread?).
  5. On an ironman account, Crafting is an important skill to train in order to tier up your magic and ranged armor, as well as to make wands and orbs and complete various quests. It's such a vital skill to train, but seems to require so much time investment for the return. Today I'm going to be showing you three effective ways to train Crafting at the intermediate levels and beyond without being able to buy your materials. NUMBER 3 HARD LEATHER BOOTS Requirements: 27 Crafting, some gold and thread 100k+ Gold/hour, 10k+ Crafting exp/hr Hard leather boots are unique in the crafting skill as an item which is worth far more gold than other items made of similar materials. They sell to General Stores for 300GP each and High Alchemy for 600GP. Since it only costs 3gp and some thread to create these boots, this means you're making almost 300gp each per cow you kill. While the experience per hour is not the best, this is a great way to gain crafting exp while generating early-game gold to fund your other endeavors. NUMBER 2 COCKROACH SOLDIERS/CARAPACE AND HIGH ALCHEMY Requirements: 34 Crafting, 55 Magic, High Alchemy Runes 150k-200k/hr, 6-10k Crafting exp/hr, 20-35k Combat xp/hr Cockroach Soldiers are another option at low crafting levels which can generate lots of gold, especially with the use of High Alchemy. They have a 100% drop of Carapace, every 2 of which gives 24 crafting xp for Carapace Legs. The legs High Alchemy for 2100GP a piece, so this is a great way to generate gold and crafting exp while also getting some combat exp. The cockroach soldiers drop some pretty cool items as well, including noted mithril and adamantite ore, uncut gems, and rune scimitars and square shields which can greatly increase gp/hr if high alchemied. NUMBER 1 TEMPLE TREKKING Requirements: Quest: Darkness of Hallowvale 1-3k Silver Bars/hr (30k+ Crafting xp/hr) and Rewards/progress in minigame Temple Trekking is a classic minigame that's been around for over 8 years now, in which you will lead adventurers through Morytania from one side of Mort Myre to the other. In order to do this method some questing is involved, you have to do Priest in Peril, In Search of the Myreque, and In Aid of the Myreque to play this minigame but it's advised to do Darkness of Hallowvale as well to unlock the Return trip, called Burgh De Rott Ramble. All in all this will require numerous skills to be in the 20s or 30s, full list in the description below, so this is the hardest method in this list, but it has numerous benefits. First of all, getting Silver Bars as a reward from Temple Trekking is one of the fastest ways an ironman account can bank crafting experience - with the potential to get thousands of silver bars per hour, it destroys mining or harvesting most hides for banked crafting xp/hr. Once you've earned the bars they can be used to make Unstrung Holy Symbols for 50 crafting exp and 60GP at a general store, training crafting at 50k+ exp per hour. Training crafting in this way will also mean you're leveling up your companions through the Trek, which can unlock pretty potent rewards including the Ouroboros Pouch, an infinitely charged druid pouch; the Constructor's outfit, which provides 1% bonus exp to construction per piece equipped; and there are other rewards as well including the Lumberjack Outfit for bonus Woodcutting experience. Not only that, but Temple Trekking will work as a method to obtain bowstrings, raw sharks, low to high level herbs, or tomes of experience in skills like Agility, Thieving, Hunter, Woodcutting, and Mining. It's a massively useful piece of content and I would suggest you go unlock it if you haven't already. So that's my Top 3 Ways to Train Crafting for an Ironman on Runescape, as always thanks for watching, and if you want to see more videos like this don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video to support what I'm doing. Leave a comment in the comments section on YouTube if there are any good Crafting training methods that I missed, and if you have a question about RuneScape you'd like answered, leave that down there too. (or here, on this topic!)
  6. This is 100% filmed yesterday (Saturday May 9), except the few clips from old-PvP at the very end. I lost a few whips and my second fire cape yesterday (damn AGS PJers), but I had so much fun that I hardly care haha. If you like it, check out my other vids, comment, and subscribe! ^Link to vid in HQ http://www.youtube.com/user/boa1891 ^Link to my Channel
  7. Since brawling gloves work on BH worlds, there's a new way to use mage brawlers: Vengeance or Venge-Other sitting out in the middle of Edge wilderness. But it's a little slow, since you can only cast every 30 seconds... but it's definitely fun to watch people fight. You won't really get bothered if you get to 130+combat from a summon, because basically nobody has summons and you can stay in 1-3 wildy. Also, you can cast heal-group if you're at lower than max HP and heal yourself 0s over and over, unless they fixed it. This would be the fastest power-casting, and probably the absolute most exp you'll get per pair of brawlers.
  8. It's just the animation. You just don't look like you're moving, while you actually are. As for people I attacked in the bank, they had the ten second timer, which meant I could attack them as long as I didn't go into the safespot myself before attacking them.
  9. Honestly, don't watch it if you don't like Rushing or PJing. There's only one non-rush PK. But please don't complain to me about honor, etc. I don't care anymore. Tell Jagex to fix the PvP system so PJing and Rushing aren't possible, because right now, it's the best way for me to go- I'm tired of doing DMs where everyone teles or runs into the bank and I get 1-2 kills per hour for junk loot, getting PJed myself more times than I get kills. Also, the vengeance animation is amazing. Also, you should never be in Varrock at 105+ combat without protect from melee on. EVER. :lol:
  10. 1. F2p potential doesn't carry over to p2p, I'm pretty sure. 2. I did both really. If I died for a lot, I went to 25k a little. For example... recently died for 9m gear + fire cape... instantly went to 25k... first kill... got my 4th dfh. I'm sure as hell NOT recommending you do this, cause I got lucky as hell... But after that I got probably about another 6 or 7 kills. F2P Potential does carry over according to Jagex, but I am very certain that F2P potential is built up far more slowly than P2P potential and has a lower max potential.
  11. It only saves exactly on the minute. If you enter a safe spot every 59 seconds, you will never gain any drop potential. If you enter a safe spot every 1 minute and 50 seconds, you will lose that 50 seconds as you enter the safe spot and only get 1 minute. This is stated numerous times in the knowledge base and is true.
  12. Instead of risking 75k cash, I personally wear a low-protecting item with a GE value over 75k, making sure it'll be my fourth item if I turn on protect item. My personal favorite is Dragon Boots, because I have a big stock of them and get more from PvP all the time. This completely eliminates the need to return for your dropped cash. Just leave protect item off, using it only if someone's going to kill you. The cost for being too slow is significantly higher, but I find it's a lot more effective. Edit: Just read a different post suggesting the same thing with a Warrior Ring, darn. I like DBoots more, though. I personally find it very annoying to use the Altar to train prayer, so I've used both of my prayer gloves burying at edge wildy. Because of my Pack Yak, I get 55 per trip, and it takes 2+ minutes in the wilderness plus some time running back and forth- I got around an hour of hotspot last time I used my prayer brawlers, and got my second pair of mining brawlers killing after them. My own Brawler Log- Prayer (2), Mining (2), Hunter (2), FM (2), Thieving (2), Smithing.
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