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  1. I just got a question - can someone explain/tell me what 'opts' or 'options' are in regards to pking.
  2. If you're f2p, your best bet is iron ore. I really wouldn't suggest mercing coal, its hard to buy at 180ea and even harder to sel at 200ea. There are just too many people selling at 190ea. And even if you could, the profit isn't that much. On the other hand you can easily buy a ton of iron for 100-105 and resell 115-120. But be careful, sometimes no one will want to buy iron and then other times you will make a lot of profit. It is possible to make 100million on F2P but i guess its very hard. I've made 45mil in 4-5weeks trading ores. Really after 10 mil you might find iron ore very boring to merc. I break it up by mercing other itmes like steel bars, mith ores, addy ores, rune ores. I used to merc coal, but the profit is too little for hwo much work you put in.
  3. Well i've got 1 santa already and i'm planning on buying another one - only got 21mil cash right now tho. Im going to quit RS after this so theres no use for keeping cash. I want to buy rares because they tend to increase in price over time, whereas most other items decrease or stay the same. This way, if i come back to play RS later, at least my money increased during the time i wasn't playing. The question i asked was because i thought i could exploit the halloween/mask increase and then get the profit to buy the 2nd santa.
  4. Do mask prices go up heaps during halloween? Is this the case every single halloween?
  5. Yes him, george soros. Like i said before, I agree that there will be only minor effects on rich players, but it will annoy new players a lot. Autobots will always exist and will find new ways, noobs will always sell their stock to the shop, therefore autobots will buy from the shop. Even if they get only 1000-2000 a day. It may well still be very profitable. Put it in simple terms, you buy steel arrows from teh player stock at 1gp each. THe median price will likely be 40-45gpea. Thats an whopping 4000%+ profit. Yes Yews will now be exploited more, this does not mean that autobots will not stay at shops and buy the small amounts that come into the player stock. GlockenGold wrote: Autobots are not removed from the market, rather they have increased the price for everyone and still profit, perhaps even more. Nobody would buy them if they raised the prices higher than the shop price. In fact, it would be much cheaper and simpler to buy in the shop. Sorry - i typed that at 1am -_-, what i meant is that the general price of runes will be higher. Not for mercers tho, but for your average joe, it will be. One word: RuneCrafters. RuneCrafters will find a substantial profit by selling runes. The buyers will find a cheaper price from buying from these RuneCrafters. True and not true, previously they could sell for more, now SOME of them will earn less. Notably f2p, p2p will gain from this significantly. Perhaps something Jagex planned. Sorry not going to reply to all this, i have to go out now.
  6. not true, as mercers will be selling air runes for less than 20 gp, the point of all these prices is they are slightly above market price, meaning anyone who wants a good deal on bulk will still go to the "working class" for their supplies i don't think this will effect the economy as much as you say, but its still very annoying as an update, i personally hate it, but no economical loss or gain with be noticeable IMO Why would u buy for more than 17gp ea (Shop Price) when you can just press buy 'x' and buy as many air runes as you want? it seems pretty illogical. Unless of course someone rune crafts them and sells them for 15gp ea or something along those lines. I think the point is, you just can't sell for more than 17gp ea anymore I actually agree with you, i don't think it'll affect the economy that much. it'll just annoy people a lot and mainly make it very hard on noobs. Like i said, the rich just get richer, its always going to be like that. Unless jagex introduces... COMMUNISM!!! confiscate all those party hats!
  7. Nats didn't always used to be 330+, in fact they used to be ~300ea, you could buy a LOT for 300-320, which means that is the median price. Im not sticking up for bots, im saying they WONT go away. They make rich players richer and poor players poorer. Nope, as someone pointed out, jagex is trying to take cash out of the system, which will over time will mean that you won't be able to afford things. Yes rune merchants will profit for a day, WHICH is why I said that the net effect won't be much, they will profit yes and it will stabalize after a week which will mean back to normal business.
  8. No autobots is a fallacy - they'll just saturate the player stock market. Which is a shame - it'll just make noobie life harder. This is certainly true, but it has inherent problems. It will cause contracting of the money supply. Without a correction in the value of cash which happens in real life. You'll see less and less cash in the economy being circulated as the government (Jagex) steals it and removes it from the system. This will increase the purchasing power of cash in cases like rares, but will mean you lose when ti comes to buying from shops. BECAUSE Jagex sets prices as is and won't rectify them. What does this mean? Well over time as less cash exists in circulation, people will have less money to purchase. people will own fewer posessions and find it harder and harder to skill up through purchasing (e.g. smithing). Daily items will cost more and more and there will be no solution except for jagex to reduce prices. you can't remove money from the system, its flawed over time. Additional Forecasts The market is already correcting itself Within 30minutes the price of nats has already shot up by 50gp ea. Expect the price of mith bars and above to increase in the next few days until a new level median price is reached. Reason: Superheating now costs 50gp more. Ore market may be affected, perhaps ore prices will decrease in order to stabalize the cost of bars.
  9. Of course, an imperfect economy where people can exploit. You just need to know when its going to happen. Like that UK speculator who made 1 bilion pounds when the UK pound went bezerk 10-15 years ago. Only that was in real life.
  10. Implications - Introduction To clarify these are BOTH short term AND long term effects A quote to start off with. ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅWe're going to have to take the full brunt of the negative impact in the marketplace, ... In a market environment you cannot have an imbalance between supply and demand, so price is your rationer. ... The price has to go up enough to destroy enough demand to bring things back in balance.ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ
  11. You could just bring 28 teles and grab 28 wines.
  12. Hey nice guide even tho I didn't use it. I made 40 mil in the 2-3 weeks since i've started replaying. I think buying low and selling high is indeed one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about merchanting. In the first few days of merchanting it took me a long time to get 10k iron, the reason why is because I tried to buy for only 80 gp each. Now I can easily get 10k iron in 30 minutes if I buy for 100-105 each. Just My thoughts on merchanting I think volumetric turnover is way more important than the price you pay for. If you go to world 1 and try to buy iron for 100ea, it may take you 30 minutes to get 10k iron. If you suddenly raise to 120ea, it may take you only 5 minutes. This is because other merchanters who have already large volumes of iron and sell at 120 would then sell to you. However I am not suggesting you buy at this price because your profit margin would be very low to nothing. Instead, I suggest people make compromises, buy for a higher price if you can get the ore quickly. This may be 105ea or 110ea. You will then be able to sell it on without having to wait to get the ore originally. In this way you will turnover (buy and sell) a lot of ore. In simple calculations: Scenario 1: Buy: 10k iron Buying price: 100ea Time required: 30 minutes Selling Price: 120ea Profit per hour: 400k Turnover: 20k ore Scenario 2: Buy:10k iron Buying price: 110ea Time required: 10 minutes selling price: 120ea Profit per hour: 600k Turnover: 60k ore As demonstrated, by increasing the buying price, you have reduced the time you needed to buy and thus increased your turnover. Despite having a profit margin that is decreased, you have increased your overall profit by selling more. Of course, these scenarios are not as clear cut as they appear in real life. In fact many times you will find you can buy easily for 100ea. The market changes rapidly and you should readily adapt to that change. Be willing to compromise if you can get what you want faster. Don't stay in world 1 for a whole hour trying to buy just 10k iron, if its not working theres a reason.
  13. Nice, im saving up for a santa hat. I turned 3 mil into 10 mil in 2 weeks so far. F2P isn't too hard to merc, made 1mil in 5 minutes - that was a fluke, Generally tho you just need skill, some luck and being at the right place at the right time helps a lot . Usually takes me a day to get 1.1x or 1.2x what i had originally. But yeah, what the others said, mercs tend to keep the best ideas to themselves - unfortunately.
  14. Is there some sort of mechanism for the random maze to go off. I was trading a ton of ores, probably 50 trades in 15-30 minutes on world 1. After which, I proceeded to tele to Varrock from Fally. However I got sent to the maze. At first no problem, Just had to tell my buyer that i'd be delayed. However, this happened not once, but three times in a row. Everytime after a ton of trades, if i tried to tele from fally to varrock, i'd be stopped and sent to the maze. I know this is a small thing, but does this happen to other people? It slightly irritates me, because It delays me from getting the goods to my buyers.
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