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  1. So I just got this level. Still remember when my slayer goal was 85 for dat whip farming. Glad i hang in there :) Unspam: Since the reward exp change, i decided to check whether i had some spare exp in all those pendants, by withdrawing em all and clicking em. This is the result: [hide][/hide]
  2. I'm getting the same message. Apparently the servers are actually down :wall:
  3. Oh okay i see. That makes sense - i thank you for the reply :)
  4. I'm kinda confused as to what "hit bonus" really is? For instance my excalibur has both a "damage" and "hit bonus" stat. Then what is the hit bonus? Is it the extra damage done when critting, or what does it mean? I'm not sure if this has already been answered.. I hope someone can enlighten me on this topic :)
  5. Guys... guys, listen! I had the best idea.. guys listen i had the best idea ever GUYS I'LL PUT WINGS guys wings i'll put put WINGS guys listen here I'll put WINGS... on the CHICKEN in ava's accumulator
  6. [spoiler=Spoiler] Dat luck. Unspam - 150m total exp 8-)
  7. Can you kill Har-Aken with one dart only? Dosen't it have like more "phases", or sumthing? (Never been). I'm considering using darts there..
  8. After trying a few versions, i ended up with java Version 6 Update 32. This solved the problem. And thanks, i'll give the power cycle a try.
  9. I just solved the problem by getting the right java version (another older one). Hurray! It also made us realise we had to look into our packet loss, but i think we have that covered as well. I'm very thankfull for your advice, and maybe others can benefit as well.
  10. Im kinda sure that Java is the issue. I tried installing an older version, without any result. Any suggestions here?
  11. First of all - thanks for your reply. The lag spikes appears rhythmically every minute or so. These are the specs for my new PC: My laptop is a MacBook Pro. I've tried using the wired connection on my laptop with no problems. I live with two of my friends, which play RS as well, and they don't experience any problems either. These are my speed- and pingtest results: I notice that i has trouble measuring my packet loss. I ran the test several times with same result - maybe this could be the issue? btw: i've got Java (Version 7 Update 4) installed.
  12. I just bought a new computer (yay). While playing RS i experience 5-10 sec lagspikes every minute or so. Im pretty sure its not a hardware problem. I tried using the game client, but i get the same problems. Does anyone have a suggestion what to do next? I used to play on my laptop (WiFi), with no problems. The new PC uses a wired connection.
  13. Never really flipped, but decided to give it a go anyway.. - Am i doin' it right? :shades:
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