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  1. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=x2ndd1&s=2 Oh & btw, The person INSIDE the bank.. Is meh .. :-#
  2. Combat lvl : 88 Total : 1511 Wealth : 40-41M
  3. I didn't really belive those who said they had been hacked, Until i got hacked myself, Due to my pin code, He/she didnt get anything else then 42 pure essence & a rune pic. #-o
  4. I was hacked 2 days ago, My pass & Questions were Changed. Thank god i had a Pin code : O:) All my friends were deleted, But this name was added to the friends list .. -.- :uhh:
  5. Edgevill Willows, Never seen macroers there. :-k =D>
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