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  1. you can also use the werewolf's course, i believe it was nearly as fast as the wilderness course before the revenants, now its probably faster =) or you could use the 1st suggestion and use howl... its up to you, gl!
  2. i also received 1 from a troll drop... dunno what to do with it... farming is 24 shall i sell it? it sells higher than ranarr weed =)...
  3. ahh... got something to do now... killing cave slimes in dorgesh kaan 210k per hour off swamp tar! now got some decent armor, going to train slayer again thanks for the tips!
  4. yeah... maybe that would be a good idea... but i dont have anything else to do... i dont want to spend 3-4 hours a day on homework -.- yeah.. maybe i should try slayer a bit more if i was 52 i could slay jellies for clues... do you think i could complete clues? and not after 4 clues having to go to lletya or something?
  5. hey everyone im becoming more and more bored of rs... there are a few reasons: it seems like rs is only enjoyable with high stats i dont have high stats, i cant stay focused on one thing for more than one hour because of the boredom... :? and i was hacked about 2 weeks ago, like 2 mill straight out of my bank #-o so... does anyone have suggestions? some exciting monsters to kill (i like monster hunting, although im too low lvl for that -.- ) or maybe even some other game on the web? there are no bad suggestions, because atm im so bored of rs that im browsing the forums like 2 hours a day...
  6. how much are iron knives ea? lol i just don't like crossbows... theyre so slowwww or is that different with the dorgeshuun cbow?
  7. did i mention i want to train my hunter and then catch the chinchompa's myself? 63 hunter is always handy since chins are a good way to make money isn't a bone c bow very slow???
  8. there is a safespot somewhere southeast in the dragon's cage get your magic to 17 since that will not add up combat levels and then use air bolt from the safe spot. bring a few lobbies in case it goes wrong i did this with some account of mine, i went from cmbt 30 to cmbt 40 :P
  9. i want to get my ranged to 90, and my ranged is 51 now... :P should i train my hunter and go with chinchompa's or do something else? i dont have much money, so they only arrows i can buy to train with is bronze/iron... perhaps could i use a crystal bow or something?? i'm planning to do every quest needed to do mourning ends part I for a crystal bow and fast flax picking... so i still need my thieving and agility to 60 lol... this is gonna take a while... any suggestions for training ranged quite fast but without spending millions???
  10. bump... i just checked the home page and they changed it! you can now pay with iDeal... great!!
  11. thanks! i'll try pay by cash... may cost a bit to send a mail all the way to the states :P any more tips? mail may not be very useful when you have to send it once a month :P
  12. they are quite a few ways to become a runescape member, but is there any way to become a member without a credit card? and please don't say paypal or something, because you need a credit card to register there i live in the netherlands, so i can't use the phone... any ideas??
  13. the only thing i would like to see is a f2p skill... im sick of new skills like farming/construction/hunter... can't they make something like... well... that you could really make your own store, set your own prices and you gain xp bij everything you sell... :-k i think that there aren't many really new, exciting and useful skills to make like the original rs classic skills
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