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  1. :o Very nice I tried it on my main worked very good :D !!! Going to do it on my pure soon -.- ! I sugest that you put in to get a holy rench or w/e the thing is but it adds another +2 pray pots when you re-pot, I understand that is pretty annoying to get as for there are many requirements for it, but I think it would help if you took the time to get it.
  2. I'm not famous or anything but i know where people's is and I is awsome PKer i wants to be founds -_-!!!! Pretty Please
  3. Great guide, good thinking there, but i have a little tip! if you bring two lightsources in with you the screen gets to normal brightness. But that is if you want to take two light sources if you dont then dont :P other than that 12.1/10.0 =D>
  4. Nice guide! But one thing I would change is that you would PK with black d'hide so that way you get sometype of magic bonus, because if you get some1 with ancients coming after you .... Tell me how lumby is doing :P
  5. Had you not said those last two words, your post would have been quite an intelligible one. Now you're just a stereotyping idiot, and a hypocrite. Oh, biased towards skillers and a sentance-critiquing [puncture]? Your argument is now invalid, and you are just as bad as these rude pkers you so hate. And for the record, I have seen plenty stereotypical pkers in my time, but I've seen even more of that kind of attitude whenever I've tried to skill in an area with competition for resources. WoW! Ok here is the thing! the more you guys say you hate PK-ers the more i get offended since I am a PKer! and your being discrimative towards PKers its not that were all like "AHHHH DEF NOOOB GTFO MY ROCK CRAB" or leik "PRAYER NOOB TAKE OFF YOUR PRAYER IT'S CHEAP" its just the pures who want you to be "stupid little noobs" so they "can pwn/own you". But still the best type of acct in RS is the one who is played by the person who mind's their own bisuness and leaves people alone, its just that pure's these days have to put in "so much work and training" for ther 70 range/70strength/60attack since they cant trade stuff freely anymore. in my opinion its jsut their problem, but then about the skillers, there are some really koky skillers and that will get on anybody's nerve's. I dont hate anybody or anytype of acct on rs but i do dis-like a person with some attitude that dosn't mean i wont be nice around them and all.
  6. I dont know... I think "PK-ing" attitude is bad, but I also have two pure acct's lmao... but the other day I went BH-ing on my 20 defence pure (Slay Mistres) Some g mauler teleported up to me called me a def noob and then they started attacking me.... I dds-ed em and after that as soon as I exit bh there waiting for me spamming me calling me a no lifer! I mean like c'mon they shuldn't've attacked me if they were gonna die. I mean most people think im rude since I have two pure acct's but im not. the main reason that most pures will annoy you is bcus they are either jealous of you are they want to fight you. but the most simplist thing to do is to add them to your ignore list or set your public, private, and/or clan chat to "Friends"! I mean like cmon If i got some1 who is annoying the shet out of me while im training or im hanging with a mate i usually do a couple of things... I ask them if they want to take it out at the duel arenea, i'll just ignore them if i dont want to waste time talking to them, or i'll world hop and then go right back to what i was doing. I mean they do get annoying but you just got to learn to cope with it... life isn't always fair :o ! So deal with it!
  7. bumpz!!!! Fool good luck with 99 wook killing! [Attack Yew Tree (Level-60)] Just dont get attacked by those mean ents! Maybe i'll come wc with you eventualy.
  8. It's a nice guide I will give you that! But you probably want to be like that guy who got full ghostly at lvl 25 combat with 10 hp :o! or something like that (hehe its okay tho). It wuld be a nice type of acct if you were just making it to show off to your friends! But next time try making a 20 def pure (trust me i have one they own)! But the guide itself is okay would do better if it had some pictures. Hey how about you duel my pure with this type of new pure tho? You can pm me in the game username "Slay_Mistres".
  9. Ok I will try that thank you (other suggestions are wanted also)
  10. I am going to get level 49 Minning (50 if I'm not to bored) [To do Heros Quest]!! But my questions is where to train my minning, what to mine, and how long it will take me to go from level 35 to level 49 minning?? Please try to be as accurate as possible. Thank You All So Very Much :D
  11. Gratz on level 93 cooking!!! But shouldn't "The Wizard" be training magic???? (LMAO)
  12. Well if it is a tank ranger I suggest 70+ range and only 70 defence and 52 prayer and 84+ magic (94+ would be better) and attack and strength levels are not to be had Non-Combat wise: 53 Theiving 40+ Herblore (or higher for better potions) 44+ RuneCrafting (Nature Runes) 50 Cosntruction (telle portals) 40+ Farming (the higher the wider variety of herbs) 55+ Slayer (slayer dart) 62+ Fishing (Sharks and lobsters) 70+ Cooking (Sharks and if you wear cooking gauntlents you wont burn lobsters) 56+ Agility (Crystal Bow and long running distance ftw) Quests: Desert Treasure (ancients) Priest in Peril (better GraveStones just incase) Horror From The Deep (Prayer Books) Recruitment Drive (Able to respawn in Falador) Fremmenik Trials (Helmets like Mage and Archer are aloud to be worn) Dragon Slayer (Rune Plates [Rune Plates are for when you are low on cash so you dont loose your good armour in bh]) Recipe For Disaster (Barrows Gloves) Monkey Madness (Great Training on Ape Atoll) Lunar Diplomacy (For Lunars = Fast Slayer tasks and good for when teaming at "Bounty Hunter")
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