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  1. Hey Val! its cabbage boii :) heere r my new account. Wondering what you cut and where i might come and cut with you because im broke :lol: pm me on tif/ingame/on my blog or just respond here. Thanks! And goodluck with them goals :o
  2. 81 rc :o 94 def :shock: this must mean one thing....599 [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ yes they fit together k? -.- congrats celt, and ty for putting up with the nub spammers in blogscape we owe you
  3. ~~~Welcome To xXv0lcomXx's blog~~~ Stats/Goals Oct 25/07 ~Goals~ BOLD text will indicate what goal(s) im currently working on! 99 Woodcutt - 99 Firemaking - 65 slayer - 60+ all - Items dragon chain(from dusties) 10mil - Torso - Currently: Getting Rune Defender/Torso Firemaking Level: Seventy Six 76/76/76/76/76/76 99/99/99/99/99/99
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