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  1. Started playing Runescape in 2001. Got my first 99 in 2011 :) untrimmed slayer, no Soul Wars.
  2. Started playing Runescape in 2001. Got my first 99 in 2011 :) untrimmed slayer, no Soul Wars.
  3. When I heard about new capes being introduced for accounts that are 5 and 10 years old, I decided to try to recover some of my very old accounts. Got back my old pker account with a pretty nice name "K I L L". Found out it's actually >9 years old aaaaand also found a little present on it: I think I bought it for 10k or so back in the day :)
  4. Yay! \ So this will be fixed on, like, Tuesday? Lol, I also potted up the fletching and fishing requirments, as well as the slayer requirment on the Falador diary (before I got 72 slayer) and a lot of other stuff. Next game update is vague. It was posted mid last week so it could be fixed now if the game was updated for a bug fix. However it is more likely it will be updated when then "re-arranging your spell book" is released which will probably be today. just cooked 5 sharks with 75cooking + chef's delight(m) and diary updated. they fixed it.
  5. You have the same problem I'm having. The Cooking task is the only task EVER that requires you to have the actual level. Not counting Prayer tasks. And I really don't feel like getting 80 cooking. anyone found a way around this yet? 75 cooking atm and really cba getting 80.
  6. my 13th phoenix kill was the lucky one ;) phoenix also tells some stuff about their reproduction now.
  7. guess who likes collecting random junk and has bought 7.5k 5kg granite for like 100k? :thumbsup: sold for ~15M so far and got loads left
  8. "Eats flies and beetle bits" where do i get any of those? Proboscis doesn't work.
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