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  1. I'm just glad I haven't used my ring reset yet. My highest ring is t6 since I don't really do DG all that much, so I'll probably just get the highest tier then reset my ring and get rewards tbh. There are so many more things that I need now outside of DG since EoC came out. For what it is worth: I just got 89 Dg, I have 1 chaotic and 100k tokens to spare. I've had to buy 2 ASN and I'm sure I've used tokens to make CR a lot cheaper to maintain while I was going for 99 melees at dag sentinals last summer.
  2. I took all my armour off, ran down to the CT above edge and punched a gargoyle and it took probably 2 minutes or so, using the lobster portents.
  3. If you look at current RS, bossing is the only way to make money in a reasonable fashion. You also have to realise that not everyone likes camping bosses as the only way to make money. It is fun every once and a while, but I like the ability to train other stats without having to go camp x boss for y hours to train any stat in a way that isn't too much of a time waste. I don't want to have to do something that requires 15 in my stat I want to train at level 80 just to break even or make money.
  4. I did most of my ranged training via chinning last summer and I was still wondering if it was a viable option/how many chins I'd need from 95 Ranged (9.4m xp) to 99. I also was wondering if Dag Sentinals were worth doing if I don't have access to void. I'm just missing the helm/gloves from void and my bottoms aren't elite yet. This was my old set up last summer and would anybody offer any tweaks to it? I was wearing full arma/range boots/range ammy/archer ring/ava's with b gloves.
  5. Might want to put 'em in hide tags. ;) Thought that was you there, as well.
  6. I have tons more images of me paying out people. It can be one, but I'd say most aren't.
  7. Very nice! I enjoyed watching it. :thumbup: Few days old. Oh well.
  8. Between a Rock... is a pre-quest for the hand cannon that gives 5k Defence xp as a reward. If you haven't done it I would suggest not doing it unless you want to get 46 or 47 Defence.
  9. I'd say I have ~5 hours total of corp done on this account. Hopefully it pays off getting my Defence up.
  10. /jealous :pray: Oh, I'm using a tort, my points just ran out and I think it wasn't loaded in yet. First ash of the inventory = level. :^_^: Oh. :P Frosts were totally worth it.
  11. You are the luckiest son of a [bleep] I've ever seen :P Not as lucky as the guy a few pages back that got a santa for 1k. :P A night of PKing.
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