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  1. Yeah, I also hate it for example when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere and a stupid random comes "Catafrato, I really need your help!". I need to do the stupid task then get back to my doings. And I always get the same ones: Molly, Prison Pete, Maze. The Maze at least gets half decent rewards, if you get to the center in time. I never ever in my RS life got Evil Bob's Island, so I'd like a bit more variety, for example, if you get a Molly random, you get less chance of having that random next time, kind of like LootShare and its priority system.
  2. Especially when Molly or Evil Bob or any of the teleporting randoms teleothers you while you are hunting and when you're back, you've lost your traps (this is just one example, there are many others)
  3. I bought it now, and liked it! Thanks for the help, can a mod please close this?
  4. I'd say put at least 750k with 10 on maples and 5 on herbs, and go there every day and cut maples to keep your popularity at 100%. You get a good profit with the herbs and bird's nests, and can also sell the maples or use them for fletching or firemaking.
  5. I killed a lot of them in the island north of Miscellania. No eggs, so, either there's no penguin eggs (yet?) or I'm extremely unlucky.
  6. Well, summoning didn't come out yet, but I've collected my Kingdom stuff. Here's the picture: [hide][/hide] I also got 5082 maple logs that aren't in the pic. Here's my layout. I put 750k in the coffers, with 10 on maples and 5 on herbs. Kept popularity at 100% cutting maples every day (only needed to cut 1 log a day :) ). When I went to collect the resources, there were 333k still in the coffers, thus I'm still going there every day to cut a log for good ol' Lumberjack Leif. I'm making a good profit from the 400k-ish the workers already used.
  7. Hey folks, I`m soon getting 70 defence and strength, so I thought I could buy a Full Torags set as my first barrows equipment, because it`s the only one I can afford. But, I would like to know if it`s worth it`s cost, and how the whole repair thingy works. Any help would be appreciated. ~Catafrato
  8. Post your Welcome to RuneScape + Funny examine pictures here Here's an example: Have fun!
  9. ^ That's why I think you should always have a ring of life while in dangerous locations
  10. This is me. RS Name: Catafrato Tip.It Name: Catafrato
  11. Back in my one-algarism-level days... Me: Buying Iron Platebody! *I see a girl with an iron platebody* Me: Can I buy your plate? Her: only if you kiss me! Me: Ok...*blows kiss on her* Her: Here, have your platebody *She actually gives me the plate :shock: * Her: wanna be my bf? kiss me kiss me kiss me Me: Go away! I've kissed you for the platebody, that's enough! *she keeps following me and I panic* *I start running, she keeps following me* *I manage to lose her* Her (PMing): where are you hottie? kiss me! *I put her on ignore. She's still on the top of my ignore list*
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