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  1. nevermind just realised i didnt even need the runes <_<
  2. mid way through the new quest and im stuck/confused i just put the imperfect heat orb in the broken globe and pushed it down the hole the tip.it guides says after this the ice block with the waterfeind and the rune crate should be defrosted but mine isnt defrosted so i dunno what todo can any1 help :(? p.s apologies if i've made a reading mistake or a silly mistake :mellow:
  3. been pking for the last 4 or so hours and its been quite eventful just a random kill, not nearly as good as the 2nd ;) what happened in this was, we agree'd to dm, i ended up with no food only a 4 dose pray pot whilst he has 4 sharks, my redemtion prayer kicks in 3 times and then i spec to ko him without any food and little prayer, ran to bank grabbed food ran back saw my 2nd ancient of the day <3: didnt get a pic of it on floor was too amazed by my luck :cool: both ancient stats were on kinda low ep
  4. im assume ur mining in the gold deposit thingy, if so maybe try weilding the gold smith gaunts whilst mining then each ore u get quickly superheat the ore and re click on the rock, if you do this fast enough you dont miss a phase of mining/smelting. saying this you would also have to pay for the nature runes but then again your getting your gold for free, im not sure this is the best way todo it but atleast ur getting mining and smithing exp the same time :thumbup:
  5. testing new pots highest i've hit so far ;) apologies if the pic's to big i has a big screen
  6. when i read the title i thought it meant ingame specs <_< thought they was gonna put together a collage of some awsome specs :wall: ot: hope they do make another graphical update tho, loving hd :thumbup:
  7. can any1 tell me the best way to get herblore to 90 from 66 i dont mind spending about 100m to get it i tryed to plan my way there but i failed miserably so i was wandering if any1 could tell me what to make ect thanks in advance :wub:
  8. thanks very much :D thanks, i feel quite proud of my bank now :) B)
  9. thanks, i try to keep my bank as tidy as possible :thumbup: yes i no theres a few things outa place but i soon fixed that ;)
  10. decided to grind my way to 99 defence and indeed max melee. i got 97 def about a week ago just by messing around, started training seriously on sunday 1.2m exp from pietying slayer tasks and made 8m ish along the way B) anyway here's the pics ;) i didnt want a 'party' but my mate insisted he was there even tho i missed his message and my lovely bank me thinks its about 280m ish, the other items that aint shown are, brawlers and sc items :thumbup: my next goals are.. 96 summ is a must (got charms for 92.4ish sum atm) 90 pray 400m bank and a nice red p hat |^_^| rate/hate/wutever
  11. [hide=] I just hope that wasn't your first task after 90 too :blink: Aw what you got another drop while I posted this lol. Awesome luck! [/hide]unfortunatly it wasnt, i wouldnt say its awesome luck seeing as i havnt had a whip drop since 86ish slay :grin: about time i got somin decent if you ask me :thumbup:
  12. first dark beast task, first dark beast killed, first d bow drop :) edit: 2 d bows in 5 mins <3:
  13. [hide=] If it's anything like the old bh it's 1 regular point for a target kill and 1 rogue point for killing randomers [/hide]k thanks i thought it was something like that, tryna beat my mate's of 642, looks like this mite take a while.. :thumbsup:
  14. been pking for a bh rank which is shockingly taking a long time. this is what i've pked today this is with no seren or ancient stat drops but 2 targ drops :thumbsup: considering doing this more often <3: <3: <3: <3: does any1 no how bh ranking works?
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