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  1. So, I have a div class called blah and I have some links to the side, when you click a link, it'll put an image where blah is. So I think it's something like triggers: '#blah-trigger'; element: '#blah'; switcher: function(0, opts) anyone able to link me to a place that can give me more information on this?
  2. So, I want to separate domains on 1 VPS, anyone know if that' possible? Like example.com and test.com on the same VPS, that has 1 dedicated IP. Should I set up 2 disk images with 2 separate OSes? Or is there another path
  3. Thanks for showing me Linode

  4. So you'd recommend Avira Paid version over ESET paid?
  5. Yea, so my subscription to Norton is about to run out in about 2 weeks, and i've been thinking what to get in it's place. My choices: BitDefender G Data ESET McAfee any ideas on which i should get?
  6. the file you're scanning When you check the type, does it say "application" or configuration setting?
  7. was this the application file? or was it another file in there?
  8. I notice a lot of speed, and there's a completely different video interface I believe, that works a lot better imo
  9. with google chrome and the new HTML media player, I love it
  10. The debugging part by far takes the most amount of time XD 90% of the mistakes I make are forgetting to close the tags lol. so i'll have an <a href="www.teamlnd.com>Team LND</a> and wonder what's going on for about 10 minutes, than realize that i forgot the other " lol It's the stupid errors that are always hardest to spot XD
  11. HTML + CSS for me half decent at MySQL and MSSQL Pretty good with Javascript and jQuery PHP is basic I prefer HTML + CSS though
  12. Legends Never Die vs Team TKO Blitz Rules: » 2 Rounds » First: Melee Binds - TWR » Second: All Styles - Non Ranked » No Corrupt » No RSC Post » Whoever Drops Attacks Summary: Round 1: Melee Binds LND Starting: 36 (dropped to 21) TKO Starting: 21 (Two DC's) LND Ending: 9 LND Started this round with a +2 due to TKO having two Dc's after the timer fell. LND Started out piling Beyblade (Xx Crazym XX) and took the lead after Hippyyyyy tanked like a beast giving us a nice lead. We kept the 2 man lead for the vast majority of the fight and never slipped any lower than it, extending to 2, 3 and 4 man leads before finally ending the fight with 9 left. LND had epic sniping and antisniping which won us this round. Tanking was beast and binds done good for the amount we were being sniped. Gf TKO. Round 2: All Styles LND Starting: 30 (dropped to 23) TKO Starting: 23 TKO Ending: 14 We didn't care much for this round as it was non ranked. So we let all our low levels fight meaning TKO had a huge level advantage but we weren't bothered. They took this round easy due to our levels, styles and matter of not caring. It wasn't ranked and we hardly do All Styles. Nothing much more to say. Picssssss Round 1: Dropped All Low Levels + TWR Clanners Round 2: Kept All who dropped previous round [/color]
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