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  1. Happy birthday very busy Juhn :(

  2. Man I miss you =(

  3. Happy birthday Juhn!! =D Still very busy it seems? :(

  4. I see :(

    Good luck with it! =)

  5. Thanks for grats <3 :) and I'm actively working atm, about 40 hours a week and then moving back to school so not much time for computing :(

  6. Thanks for congrats <3 :)

  7. Sorry... I've missed your birthday by 3 days it seems...

    A happy belated birthday Juhn. :( <333

    On another note: where are you? :(]

  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. They've moved on to Members Loyalty Point scams now. Lots of these going around right now, so make sure not to fall for 'em. [hide] Sender: RuneScape ([email protected]) Sent: 22. heinäkuuta 2011 12:24:24 Receiver: XXXXX Get your exclusive loyalty items! View this email in your browser Hi there, From today, you will be able to access a new fleet of exclusive items with the launch of the Members Loyalty Programme! your account has been chosen information vist : <BAD LINK DISGUISED AS A LEGITIMATE LINK> 2011 Jagex Ltd. Jagex and RuneScape are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd in the United Kingdom and trademarks used in other countries of the world. View our Privacy Policy . Go here , to unsubscribe from emails. This inbox is not monitored and you will not receive a reply to your email [/hide]
  10. Just wanted to drop by and thank for the first (Racheya's) article. Felt like looking in the mirror. 'twas spooky. Nice job. :thumbup:
  11. Second pointer set in Europe. :thumbup: Northest Tip.Iter (ATM) for the victory :3
  12. Oh, I didn't post here yet? Conga-rats! :twss:
  13. 9:20 GMT+2 New Zealand is GMT+12 --> 19:20 (=7:20PM) Which means that apparently the GMT+11 and GMT+12 zones should be quaking. Except they aren't. It's comical how the Bible says (and it does say this, I just checked it from mine :P) that no man is to know the time of the end of the world and then some of these Christian groups go like "l0l0l0 world ends [insert random date here] because the bible says so". And what, math based on the Bible? Please. :mellow: I'm off to get some coffee. While I still can :3 lololo
  14. First I was like


    Then I was like

    (> <¤> _ <¤> )>

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