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  1. Well, One point, Karma for Dragon claw rushing, anyhow to the posed question, I've been Ddos twice, One was kinda my own fault, one was something just lame. First one, I went onto a friend's account and did jad for him, account got hacked and he hadn't logged on it since i did, so the hacker wanted to ddos my friend, instead dosing me. Second time was pking with a friend, using his own Teamspeak server, From what i know you can see people's IPs via the server, guess he wanted backstab me, and ta-da.
  2. I didn't notice on the first time i read through how to change the size of things, So i created an avatar from the video game "Wario Land Shake it" on the Wii:
  3. Good guide toast, loving my vls specials in the .gif :P
  4. I honestly hope that it's not a music skill cape, as music skill cape is just basically a Quest cape for people who are too lazy to get a 99 skill and want an easy route out.
  5. Cav you pro pker despite losing dfs to one itemers \
  6. I did put that extactly, same with the video on the youtube format button, but both came out saying blocked due to abuse
  7. Limewire54 Pvp/bh video 2 A denouement of destruction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZMklpU5B-k Infomation: Stats as of this moment in time: Jibberish: Ello i'm Limewire54, prefered nick is Limey, I'm a long time fan of pking since 06 wildy, but never got into Bh (old style) untill it got removed, but got really got back into pking with the release of PvP worlds, So now i just have fun pking in random stuff, and not really caring about profits, anyhow, Enjoy the video.
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