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  1. How many bolts can you fletch an hour?
  2. So Suomi what do you do like when RS goes down like earlier today? Do you keep clicking play now and refreshing page until it comes back? Or do you take a lil break and spank the monkey? God Luck on 100ms bro
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. I know it's been said but yes, logging does work. I died there yesterday and same thing happened, so I just logged in and out and boom could take my stuff. And yes, you can destroy grave and log out, your stuff will still be there unseen by others for as much time you had left on grave.
  5. a normal human being. people judge drug addicts, id say that what they are doing is just as bad a as a drug addict. 15 hours a day straight pretty much 2 years???! that means that one you're not working/ in education (probably). They probably have no friends, real friends yeah. I dunno.. pretty much they're living a lie. I think I have every right to judge someones life if it's obviously impacting them in a bad way and they don't realise. or maybe they're disabled. other than being disabled there is no excuse to play that much :thumbsup: wow who said you could talk. dont judge people you can smoke pot if you want you can play rs if you want you can smoke pot 15 hours a day if you want you can play rs 15 hours a day if you want. god gave us life to use however the [bleep] we want he didnt say we all have to have a job and have friends or go outside. he is ok with it if we just play rs and dont have friends and stay inside. so dont judge, god still loves us whatever way we live, inside or outside
  6. Stakers can stake smart. Simply do like what people do in casinos and if you lose double your stake the next time until you do win and you win your original stake, you could even tripple up if you want a bit more risk. Yeah until you lose 7-8 times in a row, have fun getting cleaned
  7. Drumgun any chance you would tell us how much time is on your account?
  8. I would stay at wildy until 65 then go to ape atoll.
  9. I just can't understand how ''TT specific item every time'' can be so misunderstood. It's unlikely the average prize of clues will get significantly higher, you are just have a 100% chance of receiving something only available from TT's, and considering there will be a whole load of new rewards, there is significant chance of receiving low value items. Exactly.... I am sure most of these rewards will be useless anyway
  10. I doubt much will happen price wise, they are already cheap enough
  11. The only way really is to guess, if he is maging I would guess range and melee/range guess mage. Unless you are really low defense you should be fine.
  12. Well I went duo FFA Bandos with Chris even though drops dont count, and got this lol Luckily about 5 kills after he telied i got some more :rolleyes:
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