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  1. I really doubt either team makes a repeat appearance Sucks that the Celtics lost :thumbdown: I feel bad for Perkins
  2. Assuming that you WOULD lose your items if killed by a monster, people still would be able to use these worlds to fight monsters with a lot less risk. They simply would have a friend kill them at low health, thus losing no items.
  3. Sarah Palin will run for president. :ohnoes:
  4. I actually solved this. At least I think I did. First, I turned off everything for the keyboard. I think something called "bounce keys" was the problem. Also I switched to firefox. Either one could of been it.
  5. In certain games when I press an arrow key or WASD I become stuck going one direction even after I stop pressing the key. For example, if I press the right arrow, ingame I will keep going right. If I press left it doesnt work, and If I press up or down I start going up/down as well. I turned off sticky keys and I am sure there isnt anything stuck in the keyboard because this only happens in certain games. I dont think anything is wrong with the keyboard because this only started to happen recently. If anyone has experienced this problem or knows how to fix it I would appreciate some help.
  6. would crush that keyboard to bits
  7. lol im the guy in sara coif just above the people doing emote
  8. no more spacecrafts please :thumbdown:
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