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  1. they'd better, What confuses me is the sheer number of people on BH +1 worlds, with 0 risk, pjing.... whats the point? unless they are exploiting something like this
  2. In the new +1 worlds, you can still get your hands on "invisible" risk, where one second your risking, next you're not say forexample, ur resting, and you have a godsword blade in your inventory, as well as say a bandos hilt, your risk is 17.8m, one click, and its 0... be it VERY risky, do you reckon people will start to do this, and are there items of a lower risk that can be "manipulated" in this way?
  3. ooh cool cool naah just going for 94 mage, any summon is a bonus as is :D
  4. oooh ok thaanks :DDD in that case, what should i expect there?
  5. I'm thinking of bursting at rock lobs for mage xp (and some charms aswell :D) What kinda xp / hour, xp / cast, and cost / cast should I expect? also what kinda charms / hour? Thanks
  6. :? :shock: Very very good questions shows I need to play more Ro0nscape [hide=]1c 2d 3b 4a 5a 6b 7d 8c 9c 10e 11e 12b 13b 14a 15b 16e 17a 18e 19d 20d[/hide] I'll keep my eye out for the second test :)!
  7. trimmed qp cape? YES PLEASE :D
  8. Are Brawling gloves allowed in these? in which case, fastest agility is like 2k xp per rotation at wildy (not sure on hour...) these can last several hours, so long as you only use it on the LAST obstacle (cliff climb)
  9. I'm currently trying to get full Void, melee and range helms, My CB is 115, I THINK 108 w/o. summon. Is there are good pc clan I could join, or is w.144 good enough? Thank you all very much.
  10. hmm, yh, i'll get my mate to do a time run for that. Thanks, any more ideas keep em coming
  11. kk ty, i'll do a speed run later today. Any ideas on Enchanting at MTA?
  12. hmm, bolt enchanting, Any stats you got on that?
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