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  1. A girl that takes relationship seriously -.- Also that their religion lets them have dates... Ok what i REALLY want from a girl are: Must like the same tipe of music that me, must be intelligent, i dont care a lot about how she looks but must have a ''pretty face''. Thats all.
  2. I have got 8 with the same items(well almost) + purple sweets But oh well no pic no proof...
  3. Awesome cons is an useless skill to lvl but is awesome to have a big mansion. 10/10
  4. a b c

    help me...

    Yes, if wnat more information read the runescape rules.
  5. I've seen some people using the sorceress's garden for get incredible xp per hour(idk if is this mini game), but if is the mini game, How i can get that incredible xp per hour? Thiev requeriments for such xp per hour? Any guide out there? If this not the fastest way, whats the fastest? o.o
  6. Haven't you heard of the law of MMOS? Anyone thats higher lvl than you has no life. Anyone thats lower lvl than you is a noob. Simple.
  7. Very Very good phone. I have the same.
  8. a b c


    Well like max on low crater in p2p is 55 then train it. Still im gonna wait till other people opinion.
  9. Ok, after JaGeX released the combat lvl + combat lvls becouse of summoning on pvp worlds, you think i can train on it on my pure? Or just keep 1?
  10. JaGeX likes to chose a random person that gets a clue and give him a bad rewards just for the lol. Pretty bad clue.
  11. Born, grow, reproduce, reproduce, reproduce(again), almost die, grow, reproduce and die. Thats all i can think of... Ermmm yes.
  12. Idea:(I'm very interested on white dragons) Guthix realized they where killing tooo many white dragons(faster than their spawn rate!). So when he go to stop Gods war, he saved some white dragons and keep them in a cave and for enter cave you must: Have 10 food/pots, Just 1 combat style. And 5 teamates MUST die with the last requeriments, for you deal damage on the beast(for balance). You cannot pray. You can tele.
  13. Never becouse they extinct. We alredy owned all.
  14. It says is made on 3rd age, also say rangers of that age used that armor so... War means lot of people, most of them possible rangers, they killed all white dragons for make the armor, the rangers with the armor got killed and the other team din't loot most of them(like p hat back in those days :P) just few people loot them, people got them by clue scrolls, THE END! Lol. I would like to see more hystory of white dragons to.
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